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Weight Loss Product Recall Spurs Fears About Personal Injury

In Florida and across the country, Hydroxycut products have often been used by customers interested in losing a few extra pounds. However, new information suggests that Hydroxycut weight loss products can cause liver damage. Customers are urged to immediately stop using all Hydroxycut products.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an alert after 23 cases of health problems and death have been linked to Hydroxycut weight loss products. The products are made by Canadian-based company Iovate Health Sciences Inc. The company has issued a recall of Hydroxycut products after the FDA reported its findings.

Even customers using Hydroxycut products in recommended doses and using the products as recommended have developed liver problems and other personal injuries. Customers do not have to use excessive amounts of the product to develop serious problems. Unfortunately, Hydroxycut products have been on sale since 2008 and some customers have been using these products for some time.

If you have been using Hydroxycut products and have developed symptoms of liver disease or liver problems, seek medical attention right aaway. Symptoms of liver problems may include:

1) Brownish urine
2) Vomiting and nausea
3) Pale stools
4) Poor appetite
5) Jaundice (yellowish color of the whites of the eyes or the skin)
6) Exhaustion or severe fatigue
7) Itchiness
8) Pain in the stomach or abdominal area
Keep in mind that symptoms will vary from person to person. If you have some of these symptoms and have been using Hydroxycut products, seek medical attention. Even if you have few or no symptoms you may wish to get a physical or a check-up from your doctor if you have been taking Hydroxycut products. Some customers do not have symptoms until several months after taking Hydroxycut, so do not assume you do not have any adverse effects. Get medical help to evaluate your condition.

In addition to liver problems, some customers who have used Hydroxycut have reported cardiovascular problems, kidney problems, muscle damage, and seizures. If you have any unusual symptoms, see a physician. However, keep in mind that only 23 cases of problems have been reported while Hydroxycut has been sold since 2008. More than 9 million units of Hydroxycut have been sold in that time and only a small percentage of users so far have reported problems.

The manufacturer of Hydroxycut is recalling fourteen Hydroxycut products. These include Hydroxycut Max Drink Packets, Hydroxycut Carb Control, Hydroxycut Regular Rapid Release Caplets, Hydroxycut Max Liquid Caplets and Hydroxycut Natural. If you have any of these products, stop using them immediately and monitor yourself for symptoms. Keep checking the company website for updates and details about the recalls.