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What Can Passenger Car Drivers Learn from Truck Drivers to Stay Safer?

Truck drivers, although they have a very dangerous job, are less likely than passenger car drivers to cause car and traffic accidents, according to a number of studies. In fact, according to researchers, passenger car drivers are more likely to be the at-fault driver in any car accident involving a truck and car.


What do truck drivers know that helps them prevent accidents? They tend to understand that:

1) Treat driving like a job. Many motorists feel casual and overconfident about driving. They feel that they can multitask while driving or think that they can casually get from point A to point B with no problems. Truck drivers, on the other hand, treat driving like a job, because it is one. They approach it like professionals because they understand that a casual attitude can lead to traffic accidents in Hollywood and other communities.

2) Stay accountable. Commercial truck drivers are expected to stay accountable, thanks to federal and state laws and guidelines. They need to make sure that they check their cargo, tires, and truck before every drive, for example, and they are subject to medical tests and other random checks. They must also keep a travel log and note any problems as well as total hours driven. These rules tend to ensure that truck drivers stay aware of their driving time, vehicle, and other issues. Passenger car drivers may reduce their risk of a truck or car accident in Hollywood or their community by staying more accountable and by being more aware of their driving habits, their car, and their driving skills.

3) Your vehicle counts. It’s hard to prevent a collision if your car does not respond the way you expect it to. Truck drivers check their vehicles before each drive and have teams of professionals to maintain the trucks to keep them in good working order. Truck carriers replace their fleets periodically as well. Of course, tire blowouts and other issues still happen in Hollywood and other communities, but many are prevented with careful maintenance. You can help reduce your own risk of a crash by keeping your car in good shape and by getting maintenance regularly. Walking around your car before you hop in and checking to make sure that all seems well can also help.

4) Fatigued driving and distracted driving are fatal. Many car and truck accidents in Hollywood and across the country are caused by people falling asleep at the wheel and by drivers who are so tired that their response times are affected. Truck drivers are not allowed to text and drive by federal law and must take specific rest breaks when driving. Passenger car drivers can also reduce the risks of fatigued driving and distracted driving. Even though texting while driving is not banned in Florida, simply put always your mobile devices before stepping in the car. Get adequate sleep before driving and if you feel tired or ill, take another method of transportation rather than risking a car crash.

5) More training is important. Commercial truck drivers must pass much more rigorous testing and training before getting their license. Many car drivers, on the other hand, spend only ten hours of in-car driving, some classroom training and go through a testing process when they get their driver’s license. There is no re-testing or re-training, even if the driver’s mobility or health changes. Many drivers, however, can benefit from additional training or additional courses.

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