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What Can You Do if Property Damage Has Occurred Due to a Trucking Accident?

Trucking accidents cause many tragic fatalities each year as well as serious personal injuries, including broken bones, head injuries, scarring, spinal cord injuries, and other serious trauma. While these are undoubtedly the worst outcomes of trucking accidents, in many cases the sheer size and power of a truck also causes property damage. While not as devastating as loss of life or personal injury, property damage can be very expensive. Some of the more common types of property damage caused by truck accidents include:

1) Residence damage. Trucks will sometimes leave the road when a driver loses control and careen into a residence. Such a collision can cause serious structural damage and can seriously injure anyone in the residence at the time.

2) Business damage. If a truck leaves a road, it can careen into business signs or storefronts. Since most businesses are closer to the road than residences, the damage can be extensive. Businesses may lose stock and may need to lose business while they are closed for repairs. In addition, any employees or customers who are inside and injured at the time of the accident can pursue legal action.

3) Car damage. If a truck and car collide, the car is often damaged seriously. In many cases, the car is simply crushed and needs to be replaced entirely. In some cases, expensive body work is required before the car is safe to drive again.

4) Personal effects damage. Any item – such as a laptop, digital camera, or cell phone — in your car at the time of the accident will likely be badly damaged and will need to be replaced.

5) Fire and chemical damage. If a truck is carrying dangerous or flammable chemicals at the time of an accident, these chemicals can spill after a collision, causing extensive fire damage as well as an evacuation of an area. Even a simple evacuation can cost local businesses significant amounts of lost revenue.

Replacing damaged items and repairing property damage after a truck accident usually takes time as well as a great deal of money. If your property has been damaged in a trucking accident, contact a personal injury attorney. He or she can help you seek the help you are entitled to under the law so that your property is restored to you. Without an attorney’s help, you may need to pay all damages out of your own pocket.