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What Can You Recover After a Florida Truck Accident?

If you have been in a Florida car accident involving a truck, you may have lost income and you may face medical bills. An insurance provider may offer you a claim, but how can you be sure whether that amount will cover all the costs of your injury? In most cases, it is difficult to be sure – unless you speak with a qualified Florida personal injury attorney. A good attorney will take several things into consideration when evaluating your claim:

1) Medical costs. In most Florida truck accidents, medical bills will be a major expense that you will need to recover. You will need to consider the costs of hospital treatment, doctor’s visits, emergency room bills, chiropractic treatment costs, physical therapy expenses, medication costs resulting from your injury, and the cost of any medical devices (such as crutches or accessibility ramps) that you need as a result of your injury. If you have sustained a Florida burn injury in the accident, for example, you may also need reconstructive surgery as well as other treatments. All of these must be considered to get an accurate assessment of your total medical costs.

2) Future and ongoing medical expenses. If you will likely need future medical expenses and treatments due to your injury, you will need to consider these in your claim. Usually, a medical specialist or doctor can advise you of future costs. For example, Florida spinal cord injury patients may need nursing care, wheelchairs, and replacement medical devices for the rest of their lives. Insurance companies are often unwilling to consider these expenses in an initial claim and this is something that a good Florida personal injury attorney will pursue and negotiate.

3) Lost wages. If you have been in a Florida truck accident, you will likely have to lose at least some work and therefore some wages. You may lose work while you are in the hospital and while you recover. You may also lose work due to return doctor’s visits and ongoing care. If you have sustained a long-term or permanent injury, you can also recover money for the loss of earning capacity.

4) Pain and suffering. In a personal injury claim, juries will consider long-term and severe pain and may award damages based on the amount of pain a plaintiff suffers. If a plaintiff has suffered depression or mental anguish as a result of the injury, he or she may also be awarded an amount based on mental anguish.

5) Property damage. A Florida truck accident usually results in plenty of property damage as well as physical damage. If your car or other personal property was destroyed in the accident, an attorney will usually make a claim to recover these costs as well. If there were valuables in the car – such as laptops or digital cameras – you may be able to recover these values as well.

Obviously, to recover a fair amount for your Florida truck accident is important, since any amount that you do not recover you will need to pay out of pocket. A qualified Florida personal injury attorney can help by providing you with legal advice as well as negotiating power. If you need a qualified Florida personal injury attorney in the Homestead, Hollywood, Miami, or surrounding areas, contact the Flaxman Group. The Flaxman Group is experienced in dealing with Florida trucking accident cases and can help advise you of the total costs you need to recover to pay for your injuries. The Flaxman Law Group can also work with you to help safeguard your rights. Call today for your free, no-obligation consultation.