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What Else Can be Done to Reduce Florida Truck Accident Rates?

According to both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and The American Trucking Association (ATA), fatal truck accident rates continue to drop, as do personal injuries resulting from truck accidents. In 2009, there were 1.17 fatalities involving trucks per 100 million driven miles, the lowest rate since 1975. According to the NHTSA, there were 3 380 truck accident fatalities across the US in 2009, compared with 2 245 in 2008.

According to The American Trucking Association, statistics show that the trucking industry is getting safer, but agree that more can be done to improve overall safety. For example, the ATA is currently asking the government to allow programs which give incentives to truck companies that install safety technology. Tax incentives and other incentives, the ATA argues, would encourage carriers to install the latest technology that can help prevent accidents. Some of this technology, for example, creates alerts when truck drivers drive too fast or drive too long without taking breaks. This alerts carriers when drivers break the rules and makes it harder to circumvent federal rules which are designed to make trucking safer.

The ATA also recommends creating a national clearinghouse to streamline blood alcohol and drug test results. According to the organization, this would help coordinate information, so that drivers with poor records could not simply move to another state in order to avoid career problems in their home state. A national clearinghouse, according to the ATA, would help the industry track drivers with drug and alcohol problems, offer better treatment, and help catch repeat offenders.

Further, the ATA recommends advanced notification systems to target drivers with problems. Current systems, according to experts, allow drivers with repeat offenses and repeat problems to find themselves on the road again and again. Drivers and carriers sometimes go to great lengths to ensure that drivers remain on the road. Advanced notification systems, the ATA argues, could help alert carriers and authorities when a driver has multiple near-misses, multiple accidents, or other problems. These problems could then be addressed before the driver is allowed to return to the road.

Florida, too, could make changes to help make trucking safer in the state. Legislation is already proposed to ban texting and driving, which could help prevent Florida car accidents involving trucks caused by distracted drivers. As well, Florida could work on legislation which could help support federal efforts to prevent Florida truck accidents and accidents across the country.

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