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What Risk Factors Can Cause Tamarac Truck Accidents?

Being in a Tamarac car accident caused involving a truck can be one of the most terrifying experiences. To avoid these types of accidents, it is important to understand the risk factors that can lead to truck accidents:

1) Blind spots. Commercial trucks, including big rigs and 18 wheelers, have large “no zones” or blind spots. In most cases, larger trucks have larger blind spots – both at the rear of the truck and near the front of the vehicle. In general, it is important to see the driver of the truck in his or her side mirrors. If you cannot see the driver, he or she likely cannot see you and you are at risk. For a similar reason, you should not follow too closely behind a truck – the truck driver will likely not see you.

2) Turns. A commercial truck generally makes a very wide turn and this puts nearby drivers at risk for a squeeze play accident. This occurs when a truck driver swings to one side in order to make a turn in the opposite direction. This can cause the truck to crash into any vehicle trapped between the truck and the curb. It can also cause the truck to crash into any vehicles that try to pass the truck while the truck is making a turn. To avoid these types of swinging turn Tamarac traffic accidents, give trucks plenty of room to make a turn and do not attempt to pass a truck making this type of turn.

3) Sudden stops. Many types of commercial trucks, including dump trucks and delivery trucks make frequent, unexpected stops. Any cars that are following too closely may slide under the truck or may crash into the rear of the truck. For this reason, it is important to give trucks more room than you would give other vehicles when following behind a truck.

4) Braking issues. Larger trucks take longer to brake. Trucks are also susceptible to brake failure. Both issues can cause Tamarac truck collisions. While there is not a great deal that you can do about brake failures, you can give trucks more room and you can avoid driving distracted to avoid a collision caused by a truck stopping suddenly.

5) Cargo problems. When trucks are carrying too much cargo, this puts extra pressure on the tires, which could lead to a tire blowout. Heavy loads can also cause the truck’s brakes to overheat and fail. In some cases, incorrectly secured cargo can fly off the truck and into oncoming traffic or can destabilize a truck so that it is at risk for a rollover. If you see a truck that looks like it may have incorrectly secured cargo, put extra room between you and the truck.

If you have been in a Tamarac truck accident and have sustained injuries, you may be eligible for more compensation than you realize. Contact the Flaxman Law Group for a free accident consultation to discuss your options and the possible value of your case.

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