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What to Do if You Suspect You or a Loved One Have Suffered a Head Injury in Florida

Head injuries in Hollywood occur for a number of reasons. Slip and fall accidents, sports injuries, and car accidents in Hollywood and other communities are among the more common causes of brain injuries. Some brain injuries are obvious – such as when the skull is punctured or bleeding – but many traumatic brain injuries are not so obvious. A person may hit their head and show no symptoms but may still be suffering a serious injury.
Some traumatic head injuries have clearer symptoms, such as:

•Erratic or unusual behavior
•Stiffness in the neck area
•Pupils of unequal sizes
•Loss of consciousness
•Vomiting and nausea
•Vision problems
•Paralysis of the legs or arms
If you or a loved one show any of these symptoms, it is important to call 911 right away and get emergency medical help. Even if you are not sure that a serious head injury has been sustained and a patient shows no symptoms, it is important to get medical help right away to ensure an evaluation. Some patients show no symptoms but still have a serious head injury that requires immediate medical treatment.

If someone has suffered a head injury through a car or truck accident in Hollywood or has suffered a brain injury through some other accident, it is important not to move the person if at all possible. Contact 911 and ask the dispatcher for further instructions. If the head wound involves an object sticking out the skull, do not remove the object. If the head injury was caused by a sports injury, bicycle accident or motorcycle accident in Hollywood or another community, do not remove the victim’s helmet. In general, if there is a serious head injury, it is best to call 911 and get advice before attempting to move the victim. Moving the person may make the injury worse.

While getting medical help is often the first step, aftercare is also important after a head injury. Follow any doctor’s instructions about treating a head injury and head back to the Emergency Room or clinic if the symptoms change or get worse. Monitor a head injury victim closely in the days following a head injury, in case new symptoms appear. Make sure the patient avoids any strenuous activity or any activity that can put them at risk of a secondary brain injury. Get follow-up care and ensure that the person gets the all-clear before returning to sports and other everyday activities.

In addition to getting medical help, you may want to consider consulting with a personal injury attorney in Hollywood or your community. If you or a loved one have been seriously injured due to a wrongful or negligent act, you may be able to file a legal claim to seek compensation for lost wages, medical costs, and other expenses.

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