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When Should You Call a Miami Immigration Attorney?

Immigration law in the US is very complex and affects the lives of tens of millions of newcomers each year. In many cases, immigrants do not need to meet with an immigration attorney in order to file a simple petition in order to secure a green card, visa, or other document. However, there are many situations where contacting a Miami immigration attorney makes sense:

1) You are facing deportation or have been accused of a serious immigration violation. If you are being accused of a serious immigration violation or are facing deportation, an attorney can evaluate your case and can represent you if you choose to contest. An attorney can also ensure that your rights are protected through the entire process.

2) You have something in your past which may affect your immigration petition. If you wish to
apply for a green card, US citizenship, or wish to file another type of application but are concerned that something in your past may affect your eligibility, a qualified immigration attorney can help advise you of your rights and can help you seek the immigration status you need.

3) Your petition or application has been turned down. If an immigration application has been turned down and you believe that it is due to an error, you can contact the USCIS in many cases to appeal the decision. A good attorney can represent you as you seek the correction and can help you appeal.

4) You are having trouble resolving issues with the USCIS or other immigration authorities through usual channels. In some cases, correcting an error is very time-consuming, even when the error involved in your petition is not your fault. In many cases, if you cannot resolve an issue with the USCIS, a good attorney can represent you and ensure that your rights are protected. In many cases, attorneys understand which steps to take to resolve your immigration issue. If there is an immigration issue that is troubling you and you do not know how to resolve it on your own, an experienced Miami immigration attorney can be a good ally.

5) You are in the country without documentation and have been the victim of a crime. In this case, you may qualify for green card status. An immigration attorney can help you proceed in getting your status adjusted. In addition, if you qualify, a qualified Miami personal injury attorney may be able to help you pursue a legal case and compensation for injuries you have suffered. In some situations, you may have a strong Miami premises liability case or another type of personal injury case.

In most of these cases, it is possible to represent yourself. However, an experienced immigration attorney can be useful in helping you. A qualified attorney’s experience with immigration law can help increase the odds that your case is presented in the best possible light. Immigration is a serious process, and one that can affect your entire lifetime. Getting qualified help to ensure that you get the outcome you deserve can be a smart move.

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