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Who is Responsible for Truck Accidents in Miami Beach?

Over the past three and a half decades, truck accident fatalities across the country have declined dramatically, but experts say that much still needs to be done to make the roads even safer. According to personal injury attorneys in Miami Beach, one way to reduce the number of truck accidents in Miami Beach and other communities is to pursue those who are responsible or liable for accidents. In many cases, holding liable parties accountable for accidents helps to bring about important safety changes while also securing fair compensation for victims who sustain serious injuries in a collision.

Who is responsible for traffic accidents in Miami Beach and other communities? Traditionally, passenger car drivers have taken the brunt of the blame. According to 2002 research from the AAA, four out of five car crashes involving trucks are caused by passenger car drivers. In 2010, the U.S. Department of Transportation reported that 87% of all head-on crashes involving commercial trucks were caused by passenger car drivers.
According to experts, there are many reasons why car drivers cause so many crashes:

1) Truck drivers must pass driving tests and written tests to get a license. Getting a commercial driver’s license requires much more practical knowledge and testing. In contrast, getting a driver’s license for a passenger vehicle is usually a fairly simple process. In fact, teens and new drivers applying for a driver’s license may need less than a dozen hours of in-car training in some states in order to get a license, and in some cases that instruction does not include one-on-one instruction but rather instruction with a group of other learners. Although experts agree that graduated licensing and increased requirements for driver’s licenses for passenger cars can help reduce the number of car accidents in Miami Beach and across Florida, experts also agree that more must be done to ensure that new drivers get plenty of experience and instruction in order to build good driving habits.

2) Truck drivers in many cases drive over 10 000 miles monthly, making them the more experienced drivers on the road. Passenger car drivers may not drive as much, and this lack of experience can lead to traffic accidents in Miami Beach and across Florida. Lack of experience is one reason why teen drivers have higher crash rates than older drivers, for example.

3) Car drivers do not get ongoing driver education. Most motor carriers offer cash incentives to drivers with good safety records and an interest in more training. Drivers with poor safety records have a harder time finding employment. In contrast, many passenger car drivers only get instruction once – when they apply for their driver’s license. In fact, many drivers on the road in Florida got their driver’s license decades ago, and have not received additional or supplementary training even though traffic laws, traffic conditions, and driving conditions have changed substantially in that time period. Experts agree that ongoing training for drivers as well as refresher courses might help prevent traffic accidents.

If you have been in a traffic accident in Miami Beach or any Florida community, you should speak to a personal injury attorney in order to discuss your legal options. You may be eligible for compensation and may be able to file a legal claim. To find out more, contact the Flaxman Law Group to arrange for a free, no obligation consultation.