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Why Are Truck Accident Rates Dropping?

According to both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and The American Trucking Association (ATA), fatal truck accidents have declined as much as 14% through 2009. The improved safety of the industry can be attributed to many things, according to the ATA:

1) Better driver training. Truck carriers are improving driver training and driver training courses are improving at schools across the country, stressing things such as driver safety, defensive driving, and other similar topics which help reduce fatal truck accidents. Most industry experts agree that today’s drivers receive more training and better-quality safety training than drivers of years past.

2) Lower truck highway speeds, which are mostly self-imposed. Many truck drivers are slowing down. Thanks to government regulations and a greater awareness among carriers that safety is good business, there is less pressure on drivers to deliver by deadline at any cost. Since speeding is considered a major contributor to most Florida car accidents and truck accidents – not to mention traffic accidents nationwide – slower speeds mean safer highways.

3) Improved truck safety systems. Systems such as roll–stability, GPS, lane-departure warning, and collision-avoidance systems are increasingly being installed in new commercial trucks. Manufacturers have been aggressively researching and developing new safety devices over the past five years, which are designed to help prevent serious accidents. These technologies are being implemented more often, helping to avert disaster, although the ATA has argued that better incentives would make implementing newer technologies more universal.

4) Improved regulations. The past five years have seen growing awareness about Florida truck accidents and US truck accidents in general. States and the federal government have passed legislation aimed at making streets safer. For example, last year all commercial truck drivers were banned from texting while driving. Better regulations and enforcement reduce the instances of violations and improve safety in the industry.

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