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Why Are Trucks So Dangerous?

Many experts agree that large commercial trucks are the most dangerous vehicles on the road. These vehicles cause many Florida truck accidents every year. There are many things that make them so dangerous:

1) Their size. Trucks are very large and this means that they can block visibility on the road. Driving behind a truck in a passenger vehicle means that you cannot see well ahead of you or anticipate dangers on the road. The size of trucks also makes them deadly in an accident, as they can easily crush smaller vehicles – and the passengers inside them.

2) Their weight. Fully loaded commercial trucks can weigh tens of thousands of pounds. This makes them dangerous as it causes them to accelerate down hills and increases the risk of Florida rollover accidents. The heavy weight of trucks also means that in an accident they can easily crush smaller cars.

3) The limited visibility. Trucks have multiple blind spots. This means that drivers are not able to see and anticipate cars around them. The multiple blind spots on trucks makes it especially important that other drivers maintain a safe distance from these large vehicles.

4) Their slow response times. Due to their size and weight, trucks take longer to get up speed and take much longer than passenger vehicles to slow down and brake. This means that they often cannot act quickly enough in time to prevent a Florida car accident, making it crucial that other drivers leave adequate distance in front of trucks.

5) Their loads. Many trucks carry dangerous loads, including hazardous materials, flammable substances, and toxic products. In cases where these loads spill, it can cause severe health and environmental hazards. As well, if loads are not correctly secured, shifting loads can cause rollovers and accidents.

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