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Why You Need a Good Attorney if You Have Been Affected by a Trucking Accident

If you have been in a trucking accident and have lost a loved one or have sustained a serious personal injury – such as a spinal cord injury, brain injury, or other injury – you will need an attorney. Even if an insurance provider promises you that you do not need an attorney, there are several reasons why you should call a qualified Florida attorney right away:

1) The insurance provider has an attorney. Trucking companies are insured by insurance providers in the event of an accident, and insurance companies have teams of very talented attorneys at their disposal. These attorneys may wish you to sign documents and may even offer to help you understand the legal text, but it is important to understand that these attorneys work for the insurance providers, not for you. They are paid to keep expenses low for the company. You need an attorney representing you to protect your best interests and your rights.

2) Trucking accidents involve complex legal issues. You need an attorney working on your behalf to help you understand the legal issues, procedures, and papers that are inevitable after a trucking accident. A good attorney will explain your options and the legal system to you so that you can make the right decisions for you.

3) You will need all the protection the law requires after a trucking accident. If you have been injured or have sustained property damage, the law protects you and entitles you to compensation for your losses. Settlements and compensation are vital to help you pay for medical expenses and recover lost income. However, it is easy to sign away your rights or give away some of your rights. An attorney works for you to ensure that you get all the protection you are entitled to under the law.

4) You should not sign anything until you have spoken to an attorney. An attorney can look over documents for you and advise you about documents and clauses that are not in your best interests. By signing documents without your attorney present, you may sign away your rights or even lose your ability to get a fair settlement.

5) Attorneys have access to investigative teams. Attorneys work with private investigations to uncover all the possible causes behind a trucking accident. This can help you get answers that bring you peace of mind. Investigations can also help you determine who is liable in an accident and can ensure that you are not held liable yourself if someone else caused a collision.