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Winter Weather Can Lead to Truck Accidents

Although Florida residents are lucky enough to not have to worry about snow and ice on the roads most of the time, winter weather can still be a concern for drivers. On occasion, temperatures in Florida do drop below freezing in the winter. When this happens, many people are unprepared and this can lead to car accidents and trucking accidents. As well, many truck drivers drive outside of state lines, where they can encounter winter weather. If you drive a truck (or even a passenger vehicle) you need to consider winter driving.

If you are driving outside the state in areas where snow and ice are prevalent, keep in mind that winter means more trucks on the roads. All areas experiencing winter weather hire snow plows and salt trucks to keep roads and streets clear. As well, tow trucks are more common at this time of year as more people need help getting their cars out of ice and snow.

If you are driving outside the state, keep an eye out for snow plows, tow trucks, and trucks distributing salt. Keep in mind that some of these vehicles will move erratically and may move more slowly. Snow plows, for example, may back up or drive in odd patterns as they try to move large amounts of snow. Tow trucks may have to reverse a number of times when tugging a car out of the ice. Look for the flashing lights these trucks use and be prepared to drive slowly and stop suddenly.

Keep in mind, too, that commercial trucks are also struggling with icy and snowy conditions. Larger trucks already have a hard time stopping and slowing down due to their size and weight. It becomes even harder for trucks to drive on slippery roads. If you are driving behind a truck, give them more room than usual if you are in snowy or icy conditions.

When driving beside a truck in icy conditions, be wary of fishtailing. Fishtailing happens when the trailer of a tractor trailer drives over an icy patch, causing the cab and the trailer to go in opposite directions. When this happens, the trailer can easily enter another lane, crushing trucks and cars there. As well, fishtailing can cause rollovers.