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Workers’ Compensation and Workplace Violence

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2020, the latest year for which data is available, 37,060 American workers in private industry were injured and another 392 died due to workplace violence.


Noone thinks they’re unsafe at work, but in reality disgruntled coworkers, colleagues, and even strangers entering your workplace can all pose a threat. If you’ve been injured, you should be focusing on your health and not on the ins and outs of your Hollywood workers’ compensation claim. That’s why we recommend you contact us at Flaxman Law Group for a consultation with a Hollywood workers’ compensation attorney. Let us take on some of the burden of the legal claim so you can focus on yourself.

What Is Workplace Violence in Hollywood?

This form of violence can involve:

  • Customer violence, where a client or customer becomes upset and the situation escalates to violence.
  • Criminal activity, where someone tries to rob a workplace or otherwise enters with the intention to cause harm.
  • Active shooters, which are a concern in any public setting, including workplaces.
  • Domestic violence, where an employee’s abusive partner comes to work to harm their spouse or partner.
  • Employee disagreements and conflicts, which can escalate to violence.
  • Employer harm, where a toxic boss becomes abusive and aggressive.

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Workplace Violence in Hollywood and Other Parts of Florida?

In most cases, yes. Most workers in Florida are covered by workers’ compensation, a no-fault type of insurance that provides essential benefits in the event of a workplace injury, accident, or illness. To get your benefits, you will need to apply, but after a case of workplace violence, you may be eligible for the following benefits:

  • Coverage of medical treatment for your injuries, including surgery, hospital stays, and ongoing treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Replacement of a portion of your lost wages if you can’t work because of your injuries.
  • Disability benefits, which can pay a lump sum or ongoing benefits if you suffer a permanent injury.
  • Death benefits, which provide benefits for surviving dependent children and spouses of workers killed on the job.

In Florida, you don’t have to prove that your employer was negligent in providing adequate security or otherwise contributed to the problem. You simply need to show that the injuries from workplace violence occurred during your work duties.

There are some exceptions which could disqualify you from workers’ compensation benefits after a violent incident at work. For example, if you were injured while you were on a break, you may not be eligible. However, you may still want to consult with a Hollywood personal injury attorney to find out if you have a legal claim to seek benefits.

If you’re the victim of a violent incident at work, report the incident as soon as possible to your employer. Get any evidence you can, including the contact information of witnesses and photos of the scene and your injuries. Follow up with your employer to make sure they’ve filed a workers’ compensation claim related to the incident. You have two years to file your claim, but you’ll want to file as soon as possible to make sure you get any benefits you qualify for—without delay.

After an injury involving workplace violence, you might also want to speak with a Hollywood workers’ compensation attorney. Instances of workplace violence are often devastating and the claims process may be difficult. There may be multiple victims applying for benefits at the same time. In some cases, employers may allege that you played a role in escalating an incident. You may have questions about how to get compensation for your pain and suffering and treatment for your mental trauma. An experienced Hollywood workers’ compensation lawyer can address all these concerns and help you review how much your case could be worth.

Don’t delay. Contact Flaxman Law Group today for your free accident consultation with a Hollywood workers’ compensation lawyer. Our family-based law firm includes a father-son attorney team. Our entire team has more than 60 years of combined experience and we’ve worked with thousands of injured people, helping them secure compensation. We’re here for you if you’ve been injured and aren’t sure where to turn.

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