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Workers’ Compensation Case Settled in Florida

In Clearwater, Florida the case involving Robert Scott was recently settled. Scott was a Clearwater building inspector. He suffered a work-related accident on 27 August 2003. The back injury that resulted from the accident was serious enough to warrant surgery. Even after the surgery and intensive treatment, he still has physical restrictions as well as pain. Treatment is ongoing for the injury and in the meantime Scott is unable to resume his work as a building inspector.

Scott’s employment was terminated in February 2004. At that time, he took out his share of the pension fund provided by the city. Eventually, Scott also filed a suit against the city. Recently, a settlement was reached in the case. Outside counsel advised, and the city accepted, a full settlement of $150 000. The proceeds will be paid for the Central Insurance Fund belonging to the city.

The City Council unanimously accepted the mediator’s view that Scott should be paid in full. The recommendation made by outside counsel, Tim Jesaitis was accepted and it is expected that the May 17 decision by the city will be honoured.

The Clearwater case is not the only situation in which building inspectors and other professionals are injured on the job and face problems getting their workers’ compensation claims recognized. Although Scott is receiving disability payments, he had to pursue his claim from 2003 to this year in order to get the compensation he deserved.

Florida workers who suffer a personal injury on the job should always seek the help of a qualified Florida attorney. A good Florida lawyer can continue to pursue a case and continue to agitate for the full compensation that an injured worker it entitled to under the law.