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Working from Home Safely

Many people are working from home currently to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. While it can seem that working remotely can come with almost no risks of injury, this is not the case. In the workplace, there are safety protocols to keep workers safe and your employer is required to take reasonable steps to keep employees safe.


There are some unique dangers to working from home. If you are distracted by your home environment, you may suffer from slip and fall injuries or other injuries, for example. Your home set-up may not be designed for long-term use, leading to repetitive strain injuries.

To reduce your risk of fractures, back injury, head trauma, and other injuries, keep in mind your Hollywood workplace—even if it’s at home—comes with risks. Here are a few ways to reduce them:

  • Keep yourself virtually safe: Scams are more prevalent than ever before, thanks to more people being online as they self-isolate. The FTC has put together a list of common scams and how you can avoid them. In addition to those steps, make sure you keep your software up-to-date and use a good malware protection and scanning system. Try to use reliable websites only and be careful where you share your personal information.
  • Understand the risks: In addition to the risk of fraud and hacking, working from home can mean strain and stress on your body, especially if you work long hours. There may also be physical risks in your workplace. Walk through your work and home space with a critical eye, looking for any potential hazards. Is your workspace secure, comfortable, and have you removed fall hazards or tripping hazards?
  • Talk to your insurance company: If you are working from home, your insurance needs may change. For example, if you are getting packages or parcels delivered as part of your work, would your insurance company cover damages if a delivery person tripped and fell on your property?
  • Use ergonomic supports: Use wrist supports if you are typing often or consider brace supports for your wrists if you are at the computer often. Adjust your chair and monitor so you do not have to stoop or stretch to work and make sure your chair offers good neck and lumbar support.
  • Exercise and take breaks regularly: When you work from home, it can be easier to sit still for long periods of time. Set up a timer on your computer to remind yourself to get up and stretch to prevent strain injuries. In addition, maintain a workout routine to keep flexibility, health, and your core in top shape.
  • Keep your space clear: Remove clutter from your work area. Not only can it help you stay more productive, but it can help you avoid trip and fall injuries. Treat your workspace like work and clean up after yourself.

If you are injured while working from home in Hollywood and have a hard time getting coverage for your injuries and medical bills because of the non-traditional work environment, contact Flaxman Law Group at 1-866-352-9626 (1-866-FLAXMAN) for a free accident consultation. Our law firm can offer no-contact phone consultations at this time so you can speak to an attorney even if you are in quarantine.

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