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Workplace Burn Injuries On Building Sites

Building sites often use hot tar or asphalt to patch roads, construct roofs, and make roofing waterproof. Hot tar is very hot and applied while hot. On job sites, hot tar and asphalt can be a key hazard, causing burn injuries and other serious injuries. There are many ways that these substances can be dangerous:

1) Skin contact with the hot liquids can cause serious burn injuries. The substances can splash or spill when being applied, causing skin contact.

2) Many sites include ladders as well as hot asphalt and tar. Workers may need to carry containers of hot tar to get up on a roof, for example. If ladders are not adequately secured, workers may easily fall and sustain serious head or spinal cord injuries.

3) Slip and fall injuries are quite common. Freshly applied hot tar, for example, can be very slippery. It slowly becomes sticky. Stepping in hot tar or hot asphalt can cause a fall. As well, many building sites contain obstacles and trip hazards. Tripping on something and falling into hot asphalt or tar can cause severe injuries and burns.

4) Fire hazards are a common problem on sites using hot tar. Sites using hot tar use hot-luggers and kettles to prepare the substance. The fumes from this equipment is flammable if it comes into contact with a spark. The risk of fire can be minimized by keeping the temperature of hot tar below 534 °F.

5) Burns involving hot tar or asphalt can be very severe. These substances tend to solidify on the skin, causing severe damage. The chemicals in these products can also cause severe eye damage if the substance comes into contact with the eye.

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