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Work-Related Florida Trucking Accidents

More people are killed in traffic accidents than in all other types of accidents combined. Driving is simply one of the most dangerous things we do. Each year, more than 250 000 people are injured and another 3000 are killed in traffic accidents. Another 4000 Americans are killed in car accidents and truck accidents in the workplace. While the tragedy and the types of injuries are the same, Florida truck accidents in the workplace and off-work vary in legal liability and insurance coverage.

Many workers who must drive trucks or cars as part of their work are covered by workers compensation and their employer’s insurance in the event of an accident. This means that in an accident, it is these insurance companies that pay. However, workers who are injured in a Florida car accident or truck accident on the job may want to consult with a qualified Florida personal injury attorney at once, since liability issues can be quite complex with workplace accidents.

For example, several factors may contribute to workplace Florida truck accidents or traffic accidents. If the accident took place on company property, poor maintenance of the property, poor safety features, or poor lighting may have contributed to the accident. In these instances, the employer or the property owner may be partly liable for the accident.

As well, in workplace accidents, there tends to be a desire to settle a claim quickly, sometimes before the full extent of an injury and its causes are known. Patients may be unwilling to try to negotiate out of a fear of alienating an employer. In some cases, employers who are hurt and claim workers compensation benefits find that the benefits and coverage only cover a small portion of the lost income and the medical bills created by the Florida truck accident. Once a patient has signed the paperwork, however, there may be little recourse to recover a fairer settlement. If the patient is unable to work for an extended period of time, he or she may face serious hardships due to the accident.

A qualified Florida personal injury attorney can help offer advice and guidance and can help investigate the accident and the resulting injuries. A good attorney can determine the true costs associated with the accident and can negotiate with insurance providers for this amount. As well, a good Florida attorney can help find all liable parties, which can help ensure that a patient has as many medical bills and as much lost income covered as possible.

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