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Can Summer Mean More Miami Truck Accidents?

Are Miami truck accidents and traffic accidents more prevalent in the summer months? While statistics disagree about the issue, there is some anecdotal evidence to suggest that summer poses some unique challenges when it comes to avoiding Miami traffic accidents:

1) Summer often means building and construction season as well. Summer is often the time when new construction projects get underway and when road work is completed. This can mean that more trucks are needed in these areas to bring materials to the sites, but it can also mean traffic congestion and construction areas that increase the risk of Miami car accidents and traffic accidents.

2) Summer means season businesses, which means more trucks. Many businesses open during peak tourist season, which is in the summer. Some businesses cater specifically to summer travelers and to cruise ship tourists. These businesses often rely on trucks to bring supplies, souvenirs, and other needed materials, and these seasonal businesses can mean that there are more trucks on the roads in the summer, which can increase the risk of Miami truck accidents.

3) Summer means tourists, and that means more traffic of all types. Travelers pour into Miami in the summer, and take to the streets in rental cars and on motorcycles, bicycles, and on foot. There are also tourist buses and special tours which pour more types of traffic into city streets. All these types of traffic sharing the roads can mean more Miami pedestrian accidents and traffic accidents overall.

4) Tourist season means more people who may not be familiar with the city. Most tourists drive safely and responsibly. However, driving as a tourist does pose some additional challenges – challenges that can lead to a collision. Those who are unfamiliar with city streets may be driving slowly and making frequent stops to check street signs or maps. Those who are unfamiliar with the city may also be distracted by city attractions or maps as they drive.

5) Tourist season can mean RV and moving van season, too. Summer means that there are more large vehicles on the roads. Visitors may arrive in their RVs and many families choose the summer to move, meaning that there are more moving trucks on the roads. A larger number of large vehicles can increase the risk of Miami traffic accidents.

6) Summer can mean seasonal drivers. Trucking companies are like any other company – come summer, many employees want vacation time to travel with their families. This can mean that companies need to hire seasonal drivers to take on summer work. While companies have an obligation to screen and hire the best drivers possible, new drivers may simply not be as familiar with routes and policies as drivers who have been with the company for a while.

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