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Driving Tips To Help You Avoid Truck Accidents in Coral Gables

Each year, truck accidents in Coral Gables and across South Florida occur because drivers make simple mistakes that lead to collisions. To help avoid car accidents in Coral Gables involving trucks, there are many things that you can do:

1) Allow trucks to have right of way. Do not cut trucks off, especially if they may be braking. Trucks take longer to stop than passenger cars, so cutting commercial trucks off can lead to an accident.

2) Stay out of trucks’ no zones. Commercial trucks have large blind spots – known as “no zones.” These tend to be behind and along the sides of the truck. In general, if you cannot see the truck driver in the truck’s side mirrors, the truck driver cannot see you. Driving in a truck’s no zones increases the risk of an accident, since the driver may not realize you are close to the truck and may back up or try to change lanes.

3) Keep at least four seconds of distance between you and trucks in front of you. Trucks need extra time to maneuver. In addition, they may make frequent stops and starts as they make deliveries. Allowing extra room gives you a little extra insurance.

4) Pass trucks safely. Give yourself extra time, since trucks are longer. Use your signal and maintain a steady speed when passing. Make sure that you can see the front of the truck in your rear-view mirror before you re-enter the lane and complete the pass. Use extra caution when passing trucks with trailers – these can swing into your lane.

5) When you see a truck making a turn, stay well back. Avoid trying to squeeze in between the truck and the curb – your vehicle may be crushed when the truck swings wide. These types of traffic accidents in Coral Gables and across South Florida can be especially deadly, since the smaller passenger vehicle is often crushed by the impact.

6) If you are on a hill and stopped behind a truck, give the truck plenty of extra space. The truck may start to drift backwards a bit before moving forward when the driver releases the brakes. Extra space ensures your car won’t be hit if this happens. Leaving extra space also makes it more likely that the truck driver will see you.

7) On highways, avoid driving between two trucks or multiple trucks – you may get into a collision if the truck drivers cannot see you.

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