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Get Ready for Heavier Truck Traffic

Truck traffic tends to pick up in Miami in November and December, making trucking collisions more likely. As retailers and businesses get ready for the holiday rush, they order more shipments, many of which are delivered by truck. More customers are also ordering items for delivery at this time of year, which can also mean more trucks on the roads and in parking lots.


To reduce your risk of being in a traffic accident in Miami or your community, you will want to be aware of the increased traffic. You will also want to:

1) Maintain your vehicle. This is a good time to take your car in for a tune-up, especially if you will be traveling a great deal for the holidays or taking road trips to see friends and family.

2) Be aware of trucks around you. During the holiday season, you may be header to unfamiliar areas to run holiday errands or to visit friends and family. When traveling in unfamiliar areas, especially, be on the lookout for trucks and other traffic.

3) Give trucks lots of room. Commercial trucks have lots of blind spots. Even if you are in a hurry, never tailgate a big rig or tractor trailer or coast along the sides of the truck. A truck driver can only see you if you can see the trucker in the cab’s mirrors. Avoid staying behind or along the sides of a truck, where your car may not be visible.

4) Be careful of trucks in parking lots and trucks making deliveries on residential streets. These vehicles may need to back up or may make frequent stops. If you are walking, especially, you will want to make sure that the truck driver is not backing up and can see you.

5) Use extra caution on turns. At intersections and in parking lots, trucks may swing wide to turn. Avoid being in a squeeze play accident in Miami or your community; give trucks plenty of room to maneuver and avoid getting trapped between a truck and the curb.

6) Pay attention to where you park. Avoid parking in areas with lots of truck traffic. The areas behind malls and stores, for example, may have more truck traffic due to deliveries. Where possible, park where there is good lighting and plenty of pedestrian traffic. This makes you more visible to truck drivers and other motorists, reducing your risk of an accident. Parking in a visible and pedestrian-heavy area can also help reduce the risk that you will be targeted by thieves.

7) Make a pledge to avoid drunk driving, fatigued driving, and distracted driving. During this time of year, many people are so busy that they are distracted and fatigued. Truck drivers, for example, may be rushing to make deadlines and deliver items on time. While you may not be able to ensure that truck drivers around you are driving safe, you can help make the streets safer by staying alert and sober behind the wheel yourself. When you drive, make sure that you are sober, focused on driving, and well-rested. Create a get-home-safe plan for yourself so that you have alternative ways home if you are not safe to drive.

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