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Getting Larger Purchases Home During the Holidays

This time of year is one of the busiest retail periods of the year. Many of us are shopping for holiday gifts, decor, and other items. Stores try to lure us into their doors with special sales. If you are buying large items that need to be transported by truck, however, you can’t just be focusing on sale prices. You also need to make sure that you can get home safely with your purchase. There are a few options in order to do this:

1) Use store delivery services.

One of your best options is to use a delivery service provided by the store. Many stores offer free delivery or are willing to deliver larger items such as furniture to your home for a price. If you are going with this option, make sure that you find out about warranties and guarantees. If the item arrives damaged, will you be able to get compensation for the damage?


2) Use rental trucks from a store.

Many stores – such as hardware stores or home renovation stores – make rental trucks available for customers. The idea is that you can purchase larger items, get help loading them onto a rental truck, and then take the rental truck home for an hour or two. This offers an economical way to transport large items, since stores generally charge very little per hour for the truck rental. The problem is that many people are not used to driving large trucks, which means that when you rent a truck from a store you may be putting yourself at risk of a trucking accident in Hollywood or your community. In addition, some rental trucks may not be carefully maintained and may be difficult to handle for this reason. If you must rent a truck from a store or from a rental company in order to transport larger purchases, make sure that you get the best insurance possible and you read the fine print on the insurance. If you are in a traffic accident in Hollywood or your community, you want to ensure that you are covered for any damages caused.

3) Use a courier or professional delivery service.

A better option than rental trucks may be to use a delivery service or courier to deliver your item. Even if a store does not offer delivery services, they are often willing to hang onto a purchase while you contact a courier or other company. If couriers in your area do not handle large purchases, consider calling around local moving companies. Many of them offer transportation services for larger items. These companies hire professionals who know how to move large items easily and have the tools needed to move these items safely. If you do hire a service, however, make sure that you understand what warranties are offered. If your item is damaged during transport, you want to make sure that you will be compensated for damages.

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