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Why Head-On Truck Crashes are so Deadly

Head-on collisions are considered to be among the most dangerous types of truck accidents in Hollywood and Florida. These types of crashes usually occur when one vehicle is traveling the wrong way along a highway or street. These collisions can occur due to illegal U-turns, wrong way situations, or situations where a driver leaves their lane due to fatigue or inebriation.


There are a few reasons why head-on collisions involving commercial trucks can be so deadly:

1) These truck crashes in Hollywood and Florida often happen at full speed.

Unlike parking lot accidents and intersection accidents, where trucks and other vehicles are slowing down, head-on collisions often involve two vehicles traveling at top speed. This is especially the case with wrong way accidents or U-turn accidents, where a truck or other driver may be speeding or may be driving at highway speed. When two vehicles traveling at high speeds collide, the force of impact is immense and can cause severe injuries or fatalities.

2) It is more difficult to maneuver out of the way.

When two cars are headed for each other, there may not be enough time or enough room to get out of the way. Since these accidents happen so quickly, drivers may not get a chance to react in time to avoid the collision or to lessen the impact.

3) The point of impact is close to the driver and passengers.

In a head-on crash, the windshield may crack or debris may fly towards the passenger in the front seat. In a rear-end collision, the trunk and the back of the car act as a large crumple zone. The crumple zone is much smaller in a front impact crash.

Head-on truck collisions often cause fatalities, serious head injuries, quadriplegia, and other permanent injuries. If you have been injured in this type of accident, it is important to consult a personal injury attorney. A personal injury attorney can evaluate your case and can advise you about your rights. If you decide to file a legal claim, a personal injury attorney can handle all the details for you as you work on healing from your injuries.

Head-on crashes often involve fatalities or serious injuries. Recovering from these types of serious injuries can be extremely distressing as well as expensive. Even with medical coverage and car accident insurance, you may face tens of thousands of dollars or more in incidental costs that might not be covered by your insurance company. Working with a personal injury attorney in Hollywood or your community lets you fight for compensation so that you can pay for more of your expenses.

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