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Recovering from Trauma in Hollywood or South Florida: Getting Back on the Road After a Trucking Accident

Trucking accidents in Hollywood and other South Florida communities can be traumatic. In fact, some people who walk away from these types of collisions suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other conditions due to the stress they have suffered during the crash.


You may be suffering from trauma following your Hollywood trucking accident if you experience the following symptoms:

  • Sleep disturbances
  • Difficulty with concentration or focus
  • Memory problems
  • Mood swings or personality changes
  • Changes to eating habits
  • Loss of interest in friends or regular activities
  • Difficulty completing work-related or daily tasks
  • Fears, especially related to getting back on the road
  • Anger, frustration, and general feelings of upset

While some distress is normal after a serious traffic accident in Hollywood or any community, if your symptoms linger or if they prevent you from living your life fully, you’ll want to discuss your symptoms with your doctor.

Getting back on track after a roadway accident

If you’ve been in a roadway accident and are struggling with symptoms related to trauma, there are several things you can do:

1) Get medical help and therapy. Visit your Doctor if you notice any symptoms, especially if you have thoughts of harming yourself. Your doctor may be able to recommend therapy or other solutions to help you.

2) Find a support group. If you have been seriously injured, look for a support group for the type of injury you have suffered or for survivors of car accidents in Hollywood or your community. Talking to others who have been through a similar experience can help you get the emotional support you need.

3) Talk to a driving professional. Get reevaluated for your driving abilities by a driving rehabilitation professional if you have been seriously injured. Even getting a few one-on-one classes for professional driving instructor can help you recapture some of your confidence behind the wheel.

4) Be kind to yourself. Don’t rush to return to normal activities too quickly. Give yourself time to grieve, be upset, and be afraid. Continued to eat well, and get plenty of sleep and exercise. Give yourself time with your friends and family so you can get the support you need.

5) Be proactive. Sometimes, becoming an advocate puts you in a position of strength and allows you to gain a voice and your confidence. After a serious accident, some people become advocates for road safety or join organizations promoting road safety. Some survivors seek civil claims through a personal injury attorney in Hollywood or their communities to ensure that reckless drivers and reckless companies are held liable when their actions hurt others. By speaking up, many survivors report they feel stronger.

If you’d like to speak to a personal injury attorney in Hollywood about local resources and about filing your civil claim, contact Flaxman Law Group today. Our caring legal team understands how terrifying truck accidents can be. We have worked with thousands of truck accident survivors, car accident survivors, and people who have sustained severe injuries. Our goal in each case is to help these individuals get the full legal support they deserve.