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Preventing Truck Accidents in Hollywood or Your Hometown This Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend often means an increase in traffic and truck accidents in Miami, Hollywood, and other cities. More people on the roads and an increase in festivities where alcohol are served can create a deadly combination. While law enforcement officials in Southern Florida will be out to monitor the roadways in an effort to prevent truck and car accidents, it is ultimately everyone’s responsibility to practice road safety.


Safety starts with you, and even with efforts by law enforcement you will want to take steps to avoid a collision. Here’s how you can stay safer this holiday weekend:

1) Be prepared for heavier traffic.

Check weather and traffic reports before you head out and give yourself extra time to get to your destination. Traffic will be heavier because commercial trucks will still be on the road, trying to deliver items for the workweek, and more cars will be on the road because of the holiday. Consider taking alternate routes and plan your driving well to avoid congestion and long delays.

2) Don’t drink and drive.

Avoid taking any drugs or substances which could affect your mobility and judgment. Even if you only have a drink or two and don’t feel drunk, keep in mind you could still be affected enough to be at an increased of an accident; don’t drive after having any substance which could affect your safety behind the wheel.

3) Put away distractions.

Since traffic may be heavier, you need to put your entire focus on the road. Turn off your mobile devices and put them away before you get in the car. Set up a music playlist so you don’t have to change music while driving. Do all you can to drive undistracted.

4) Drive defensively.

Always think two or three maneuvers ahead and keen scanning the road all around you to stay alert to what is happening with traffic near you. Try to anticipate what others will do. Driving defensively may help you avoid collisions and can ensure you stay focused on driving.

5) Protect child passengers.

Make sure your child is correctly strapped into an age-appropriate safety restraint system. Give your child something to do while driving, too, so they are not a distraction to you as you drive. If you have small children, keep in mind that your routine may be disrupted this holiday weekend, which can put you at a greater risk of distraction. Always scan the back seat when getting out the car and consider placing a reminder on your wheel or side door to remind yourself to check the back seat so you don’t get distracted and forget your child in the car.

If you are injured by a reckless or negligent driver, there may be legal remedies and options available to you. If you’d like comprehensive legal advice and representation, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation. Our phone lines are staffed 24/7 and you will be able to reach a live person, even over the holiday weekend. If you have been injured, you need prompt legal support, so don’t hesitate to reach out. It will cost you nothing.