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A Look at the Causes of Hollywood Truck Accidents

Hollywood rollover accidents are among the most Hollywood truck accidents. During rollover accidents, passengers are more likely to be ejected from the vehicle, flammable liquids are more likely to explode, and items in the truck cab are more likely to become projectiles, severely injuring those inside. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are many causes of rollover truck accidents:

1) Types of vehicles. Large commercial trucks are more likely to be involved in rollover accidents than passenger vehicles due to the excess pressure on the tires of the truck as well as due to the higher center of gravity of these vehicles. In addition, tankers are more likely to be involved in rollovers than many other types of trucks, simply because the load in these vehicles is more unstable and more likely to move, causing the center of gravity in the truck to shift.

2) Speed. Studies have suggested that up to 40% of fatal rollovers occurred while the vehicle was speeding. In addition, about 75% of such accidents took place in higher-speed areas of at least 55 mph. High speeds, especially with a heavily loaded commercial truck, make it harder for drivers to control their vehicle and make it easier for trucks to roll over or go into a slide that can lead to a rollover.

3) Almost one in two fatal rollover accidents involve alcohol, according to some studies. Even in cases where a driver is not above the blood alcohol limit, impairment can still be an issue. A truck driver who has had some alcohol but is still below the legal alcohol limit may still face impaired judgment, sleepiness, and other symptoms that can lead to a serious Hollywood traffic accident.

4) Location. According to studies, almost 75% of fatal rollover accidents occur on higher-speed rural roads. Part of the reason may be because such roads often have no barriers and are not divided. Unfortunately, commercial drivers in Hollywood often drive on rural roads outside the city, increasing their risk of an accident.

5) Driver error. According to the NHTSA, the vast majority of fatal rollover accidents are single-vehicle accidents that occur during routine events (such as turning). As a result, many experts believe that most of these accidents are caused by driver mistakes and behaviors, such as distracted driving.

6) Tire issues and load issues. Commercial trucks that are heavily loaded may weigh 80,000 pounds or more. This places enormous pressure on the tires, and can easily lead to tire blowouts as well as other tire malfunctions. When tires do not function correctly, the commercial truck driver cannot properly control the vehicle and is more likely to be involved in a serious traffic accident. In addition, when loads are not correctly secured or exceed the weight limit of the truck, the truck can more easily roll over, especially if the load is not distributed evenly, shifting the balance of the vehicle.

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