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Recent Study Provides Insight Into Miami Motorcycle Accidents and Accidents Across the Country

A study published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences could provide some insight as to why there are so many Miami motorcycle accidents – and why these Miami traffic accidents tend to lead to so many permanent and serious injuries. According to “Death by Motorcycle: Background, Behavioral, and Situational Correlates of Fatal Motorcycles Collisions,” motorcycle are eleven times more likely than passenger cars to be involved in fatal accidents, per mile driven. The study also found that while overall road accident fatalities declined in 46 states and in the District of Columbia between 2007 and 2008, fatalities involving motorcycle crashes actually increased in DC and in 28 other states.

According to the study, men were overrepresented in motorcycle accident fatalities, accounting for over 87% of such deaths. In addition, almost 60% of fatalities occurred on the weekend while almost half occurred in the evening or during the nighttime. Whether due to worse conditions or the risk of drunk driving accidents, drivers may wish to be extra cautious during these times to avoid a Miami traffic accident. The study also concluded that almost 60% of motorcycle fatalities occurred on rural streets.

In just over half of fatal motorcycle collisions, the accident involved another vehicle. Experts have said it again and again: in a Miami truck accident or car accident involving a motorcycle, the motorcyclist does not have a chance. The difference in size and force alone ensures that the motorcycle bears the brunt of the damage. Since motorcycles are lighter than most other vehicles on the road and since they offer less protection for the rider, motorcyclists need to take extra precautions to protect themselves.

Unfortunately, Miami motorcycle accidents may not decline anytime soon. As gas prices increase, motorcycles seem far more attractive to many motorists due to the fuel efficiency of the vehicles. Since Miami enjoys such a mild climate, motorcycle enthusiasts can also ride their motorcycles year-round, making the risk of accidents a year-round issue. According to experts, there are several things that motorcycle riders can do to stay safe:

1) Wear a helmet. Florida had a helmet law until 2000, when the legislation was repealed. Since 2000, the number of fatal Florida motorcycle accidents has risen. While it’s not the law, wearing a helmet is the smartest thing you can do when you get on a motorcycle. If you are thrown from your motorcycle in a Miami traffic accident, your chances of survival are very poor. Wearing a helmet, on the other hand, protects your head in a collision and reduces the chances of you becoming a Miami brain injury patient due to head trauma after an accident.

2) Be wary in high traffic areas. These can be especially dangerous for motorcyclists, since impatient drivers may not notice your motorcycle. If you are stuck in traffic, make sure you have plenty of room and ensure that drivers around you can see you.

3) If you are in a motorcycle accident, be sure to consult with a qualified Miami personal injury attorney. There is in some cases a bias against motorcyclists in an accident and in some cases motorcyclists are blamed for an accident even if another driver was at fault. Contacting a qualified attorney shortly after your accident ensures that your attorney can gather the facts about the true cause of your accident.

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