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Are Truck Accidents More Common During the Holidays?

Truck accidents occur all year. Unfortunately, due to the size of trucks, many accidents involving these vehicles are not survivable, especially for pedestrians and car drivers involved in the crash. Those who survive a trucking accident often suffer from serious burns, broken limbs, brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, and other serious personal injuries. While these accidents and injuries can occur at any time of year, there are some factors that increase the risks of trucking accidents during the holiday season.

Higher traffic volumes can increase the risks of vehicle accidents at this time of year. During the holiday season, there are extra deliveries to make and stores usually require more inventory, putting more trucks and truck drivers on the road. In some cases, truck drivers are pressured to meet very demanding deadlines. At the same time, more passenger vehicles are on the roads as more people attend holiday events and run holiday errands. More pedestrians are on the streets, as well, as more shoppers visit stores. Extra traffic can create congestion, short tempers, and an increased risk of accidents.

Drunk driving accidents can involve both car and car-truck collisions. Many holiday parties at this time of year include alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, even though drunk driving campaigns have been in place for years, some drivers still choose to drink and drive, a decision which often leads to tragedy. When a drunk driver causes a collision with a truck, the results can be even more devastating.

Driver distraction and illness can make truck accidents more common at this time of year. Unfortunately, holiday season coincides with cold and flu season, and some drivers make errors while driving due to illness. Some truck drivers may be pressured to work even when under the weather, because of the pressure of holiday deadlines. The cold or flu can be a major distraction and the feeling of grogginess that accompanies illness can lead to accidents. Some flu and cold medications can also cause drowsiness and can be as dangerous as alcohol consumption when driving. Even perfectly healthy drivers are often distracted at this time of year. Drivers are often thinking about the upcoming holidays and trying to multitask in order to keep up with holiday demands. This can distract them from driving and can lead to accidents.

Poor weather conditions can make truck accidents more common at this time of year. At this time of year, additional rain and less light can mean worse weather conditions. Truck drivers who drive between winter states and Florida may find themselves driving through heavy snow and then through rain. Changing weather and resulting poor visibility can cause vehicles and trucks to lose control on the roads.

Although truck accidents are always a tragedy, they tend to be felt very keenly during the holidays. Truck accidents can happen at any time of year, but when they happen during the holidays, they tend to be especially keenly felt as friends and family gather together to celebrate the season. A loss or injury at this time of year can feel devastating and can have a considerable financial impact as well.