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Pedestrians Can Help Prevent Trucking Accidents

Pedestrian accidents involving trucks are almost always fatal. The sheer size of a truck means that pedestrians often suffer fatal head injuries, internal damage, and other injuries which lead to life-long disability or to death. There are, however, several things that pedestrians can do to help prevent trucking accidents:

1) Be careful when walking around trucks. If you need to walk in front of a truck, make eye contact with the truck driver to ensure that he or she sees you clearly and has time to stop the vehicle. If you need to walk between trucks or behind a truck, make sure that drivers can see you in their mirrors. If you cannot see a driver in the truck mirror, you are likely in a driver’s blind spot. Avoid running around trucks – give truck drivers plenty of time to slow down and stop. Keep in mind that trucks need more time to see you.

2) Obey signals. Avoid walking across streets when your light is red and avoid crossing between cross walks. Obey traffic signals. Trucks require more time to stop and may not be able to brake in time if you do something unexpected.

3) Report unsafe trucks and truck drivers. If you see a truck driver behaving aggressively or driving recklessly, report him or her. You can take down the name of the truck and the license plate number and report the truck to local authorities. Many trucks also have 1-800 numbers on the side that allow you to reach a driver’s employer.

4) Stay visible. In preventing bus accidents, car accidents, and truck accidents, visibility is key. Drivers will only be able to avoid hitting you if they can see you. If you walk or jog at night, wear reflective clothing and make sure that you stay visible.