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Are You Considering Getting a Truck? Read This First!

Many motorists eventually decide to buy a truck. Many people enjoy the idea of being able to carry more items and some drivers assume that trucks are safer. If you want to buy a truck, however, you should consider more than the make, price, and color of your new vehicle. You also want to ensure that your new vehicle is safe and can be safely operated by you. Here’s how:

1) Learn about truck manufacturers and their safety records. Before purchasing a truck, read magazines, truck reviews, and publications such as Consumer Reports to find out about the safety standards and reputations of any trucks you are interested in. Look for trucks and manufacturers that get good grades in safety from independent testers. Also, keep in mind that different models from the same manufacturer may have different safety ratings. Look for the safest models.

2) Get licensed for trucks. Even if you are buying a small truck that does not require additional licensing, it is a good idea to get some additional classes and licensing in a larger vehicle than you will be getting. Trucks – even smaller ones – do handle differently than sedans or economy-sized passenger cars. The more training you have with larger vehicles, the safer you will be behind the wheel of your new truck.

3) Practice driving in trucks. The more you can practice, the safer you will be. Try renting a truck, driving a friend’s truck or arranging for a few lessons. The more you know, the safer you will be.

4) Start practicing good habits. Texting or talking on the phone while driving causes many car accidents each year, and these accidents lead to fatalities and serious personal injuries, such as brain injuries, broken bones, burn injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other serious injuries. When you get your new truck, practice safe driving by keeping mobile devices off.

5) Take good care of your truck. In a trucking accident, the sheer size of a truck can mean more fatalities, injuries, and damage. Therefore, sign up to receive information from the dealership. If you get notice of a recall that affects your truck, get the issue fixed right away. Find a mechanic who is experienced with your model of truck and ensure that you get adequate tests and maintenance on your new vehicle.