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Prevent Bicycle Accidents on Your Commute

Today, many people are choosing to commute to work on bicycle. Bicycles save on car costs significantly and can provide a great source of exercise as well. However, trying to maneuver a bike through rush-hour traffic early in the morning can also cause bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and serious personal injuries. Here’s how to arrive at work safely:

1) Choose the right route. The route you take to work via car is likely not the route you want to take on your bicycle. Trying to weave around rush-hour traffic early in the morning is dangerous. Consider taking bike paths (which will likely get you to your destination sooner, thanks to minimal traffic) or less congested streets.

2) Build your bicycle know-how. If you haven’t taken your bike out for years, hone your skills with several afternoon rides before you try to make it to work. Consider taking a refresher course in bicycle safety. Get ready for your commute.

3) Give yourself extra time. Trying to rush to work because you might be late increases the risk of accidents. You don’t want to be taking safety short cuts on your bicycle just to beat the clock. Allow yourself plenty of extra time. It’ll come in handy if you want to freshen up before work, too. With time, you will become a better judge of how much time you need.

4) Obey the rules of the road. Just because you are on a bicycle, that does not mean you get to ignore all the habits and rules you have learned as a driver. Check your blind spots, obey all traffic signals, and signal turns, just as you would if you were in a car. You need to ensure that drivers can predict your movements.

5) Don’t carry items in your hands. It seems like common sense, but keep in mind that you can’t bicycle and drink coffee or bicycle and text. You need both hands on the steering wheel for control.

6) Wear your helmet. Head injuries are one of the most common and preventable injuries related to bicycle accidents. You can help prevent this common injury just by wearing a helmet each time you hop on your bike.