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Assembling a Truck Accident and Emergency Kit

Hopefully, you will never be in an accident with your truck. If you are in a truck accident, however, you want to have the resources on hand to help anyone who is injured and the resources to help yourself legally. Here is what you need in your accident and emergency kit.

1) Pen, paper, and camera. Soon after the accident, you will want to begin documenting the accident. You will want to exchange information with any other driver involved and will want to gather the names and contact information of any witnesses. Taking pictures of the scene can also help your attorney make a claim for you if your case goes to court. Even an inexpensive disposable camera can help you capture information that can be important when you are negotiating with insurance carriers.

2) Flares and lights. If your trucking accident takes place at night, flares can help alert other drivers of obstacles on the road while a flashlight or other light can help you evaluate your situation more effectively.

3) First aid kit and blankets. Trucking accidents can cause serious personal injury, including head injuries and serious permanent disability. A first aid kit can help people at the accident scene and can even save lives. It is especially helpful if you familiarize yourself with your kit before placing it in the truck. Knowing how to use a first aid kit will help you in an emergency. In addition to your kit, be sure to stow blankets in your truck. These are important if someone at the accident scene is in shock. Blankets are also useful if you are in an accident or your truck breaks down in cold weather.

4) Documentation. Keep your insurance information, copies of your ID, and the name of a personal injury attorney you trust in your truck. If you are in a truck accident, you don’t want to be looking for important phone numbers or papers.

5) Food and water. In bad weather or in the dark, it can take tow trucks or personnel some time to find you. If your truck breaks down in bad weather, especially, it can take some time to get help. Having food and water on hand can ensure that you can stay comfortable as you wait.