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Prescription Drugs Can Mean Personal Injuries

Most people take prescription drugs or over the counter supplements to feel better or to treat a condition. However, drugs can affect your everyday tasks and can result in personal injuries. Some drugs can cause you to feel drowsy or can cause slip and fall accidents by affecting your motor function. Some drugs and medications can make you feel groggy and can cause a car accident if you try to drive while taking them. Here’s how to stay safe with your medication:

1) When getting any new medication or supplements, ask lots of questions. Whether your medication is over the counter or from a doctor, read the label and talk to a pharmacist. Make sure you understand all possible side effects as well as the best ways to take each medication. If you are told to avoid some activities – such as driving a car – while you are on medication, obey these instructions.

2) Give your body time to adjust. Even medications that have few side effects can affect your body in various ways. Some people have allergic reactions to some medications. Some medications affect you negatively before they begin to heal you. You never know quite how your body will adjust when you take a new substance, so take things easy for a few days when you have a new medication and observe how it makes you feel. Report any unusual symptoms to your pharmacist or doctor and ask for advice.

3) Don’t assume some drugs are safe. Some people assume that over the counter drugs, common drugs, or all natural herbal supplements are perfectly safe. Many are, but all medications and supplements may have some side effects or may interact with other medications. Always inform your doctor about all medications and supplements you are taking.

4) Watch out for interactions. Drug interactions can make you feel weak and faint or can affect a drug’s effectiveness. Even some foods interact with drugs. Always ask your pharmacist about any possible drug interactions and any potential food-drug interactions.

5) Keep an eye out for product recalls. If you are on a new medication, read about the medication. Are these product liability cases against the drug manufacturer? Has the drug been linked to serious side effects? Talk to your doctor about any concerns you may have.