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Avoid Personal Injury on Your Vacation

Summer is a time for vacations, and while vacations and trips usually mean lots of fun, they also pose some hazards. Many of us completely unwind during vacations, but trips are no time to forget safety. Here are some basic ways to make sure that you and your family stay safe while at your summer destinations:

1) Check hotel room fire escapes. All hotel rooms have fire escapes and safety information posted. Make sure that you read the directions and familiarize yourself with the nearest escape route from your hotel room. Also, identify the closest fire extinguisher. You can often help prevent burn injuries and other serious injuries if you know where to exit during a fire.

2) Check accommodations for safety features. Before selecting your accommodations, find out about safety features. Does a hotel have 24-hour security, sprinkler systems or other features that can mean a safer stay? Check the safety record of your hotel or place of stay.

3) When flying, make sure you know where the emergency exits are. Listen to the flight attendants while they go through the safety demonstration at the beginning of the flight. Even if you have heard it before, it is a good review. Locate your emergency exits. If you do need to use them, you will be able to get to them more quickly if you know where they are.

4) Learn about your destination. Each destination has its unique features and hazards. Determine what the potential for injury is at your destination and take steps to prevent any problems.

5) Have the right documents with you. Make copies of your identification documents and any documents relating to your health coverage. Keep these copies in a safe place in case your original documents are lost or stolen on your trip. This is especially important if you will be traveling outside of the country, where you will need identification and the right documents to get most services.

6) Get health coverage. If you are traveling anywhere outside your state, check your health insurance to see what is and what is not covered. Consider getting additional insurance. Get the best insurance you can afford if you are traveling outside the country. Becoming ill outside your state can be very costly without the right insurance.

Consider safety and fun when planning your trip. Of course, you want to have fun on your vacation. However, you need to consider safety as well as fun when you travel. You don’t want to suffer personal injuries that cut your trip short.