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Injuries to Minors and Children Are a Concern in the Summer

In the summer, injuries to minors and children are more common, since children are out of school and often taking part in more activities outside the home. Summertime should be a wonderful time for children, and you can ensure that your child has a wonderful and safe summer by being wary of these common summertime injuries:

1) Pedestrian accidents. Pedestrian accidents injure many children and minors each summer, simply because there are more children on sidewalks and roadways. Always teach your children how to cross the street properly and if you children are playing outside, make sure that they play well away from the street area. You don’t want a child running into traffic to follow a lost ball or Frisbee.

2) Boating accidents. In the summer, as many families get out their boats for the summer, boating accidents become a serious concern. The best way to prevent boating accidents is with prevention. Ensure that everyone in your boat wears the correct safety gear and make sure that all children are wearing life vests that are properly fitted. Teach your children to swim. If it has been a while since you have taken a boating safety course, consider taking a refresher class.

3) Car accidents. Car accidents are all too common in the summer, as many more people are on the road, taking children to summer camps, summer programs, and on trips. When driving with children, give your children some activity so that they do not distract you from driving. Use common sense on the road and drive only when you are able to give your full attention to the road.

4) Sports injuries. Many children play sports in the summer, and this can mean sports-related injuries such as broken bones, head injuries, scrapes, and bruises. It’s important to make sure that children are wearing the right safety equipment for their sport at all times. If an injury does occur, make sure that it gets evaluated right away. A simple bump on the head may mean a concussion and can lead to serious injury if untreated. If your child is injured during a sport, make sure that he or she recovers completely before playing the sport again.

5) Burn injuries. Bonfires at night and electrical wires can pose a hazard in the summer. Teach your children to avoid electrical wires at all costs and teach your child fire safety. Many fire departments offer fire safety demonstrations – call your local station to find out if such an event is planned for your area. If you plan on having bonfires, make sure that children are carefully supervised as they toast marshmallows and sit close to the fire.