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Practice Safety First if You’re Moving

Many families choose to move into a new home during the summer, before the school term starts. If you and your family will be moving this summer, be aware that moving day can be not only hectic, but also brings with it some unique dangers. Before you disconnect your utilities and before you head for your new home, consider these moving-day tips to keep everyone safe:

1) Hire movers who are insured and bonded. Hiring non-professionals may be less expensive, but if someone gets injured on the job, you and your insurance may be responsible for any personal injuries and medical bills. Also, if your items arrive damaged, you may not have much recourse unless your movers are properly insured. Check references and insurance carefully.

2) Keep children away from movers and moving trucks. Movers will be carrying large boxes, which can reduce their field of vision. Small children can be accidentally stepped on or can cause movers to fall. Never let your children play where the movers are doing their job and always keep children well away from the moving professionals. Moving trucks are also large and have many blind spots. Never let children play outside when moving trucks are pulling into or off of your property.

3) Consider placing all items to be moved in one room. This will help reduce the number of stairs movers must climb. At the very least, carry all the light and smaller boxes into the room closest to the door. This way, movers will have to carry fewer items over long distances.

4) Be certain to remove all small objects from the floor before the movers arrive. If you have small toys or objects (such as packing tape or scissors) on the floor, there is a chance that someone – either the movers or someone in your family — will slip and fall on these items. By the time the movers arrive, everything should be packed or at least out of the way.

5) Do a quick sweep before you move to make sure that there are no slip and fall accident dangers. Whether you are moving yourself or getting movers, check the path you or the movers will have to make from each item to the driveway. If there are any obstructions, remove them. Even a single overlong branch can lead to an accident. If there are stairs or any hazards that cannot be removed, make sure that you mark them clearly if you have hired movers.