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Avoiding Coral Gables Truck Accidents Involving Pedestrians

When it comes to Coral Gables pedestrian accidents involving trucks, pedestrians have almost no chance. A large commercial truck can easily kill a pedestrian while causing almost no damage to the vehicle itself. To prevent this type of accident from occurring to you, make sure to follow these tips:

1) Use extra caution when approaching a truck on foot. One of the big risks that lead to Coral Gables truck accidents is that trucks have many blind spots. These blind spots prevent a truck driver from seeing a car near the truck – much less a pedestrian. Many trucks also make frequent stops and starts as they make deliveries, so predicting their movements can be more challenging than predicting the movements of cars.

2) Teach children to avoid approaching trucks. Children are naturally curious about large commercial trucks, so it is important to teach children to never approach these vehicles or play near them.

3) If you must approach a truck, make eye contact with the truck driver to ensure that he or she can see you. The driver can only see you if you can see the driver in the mirrors. If you cannot, you are in the driver’s blind spot.

4) Be careful when walking along roads and shoulders of roads with plenty of truck traffic. Trucks may be driving along highways and country roads, and these types of areas tend not to have sidewalks, making them riskier for Coral Gables traffic accidents. If you must walk in these areas, walk towards traffic and use extra caution.

5) Stay visible when taking a walk. Wear clothes with reflective strips and carry a flashlight. You are less at risk of a Coral Gables car accident or truck accident if motorists can see you.

6) Use extra caution in areas with truck traffic. This includes busy streets, garbage days, retail areas, and parking lots. Keep alert for truck traffic and make sure you give trucks extra room. Trucks use alarms and signal lights to communicate with drivers around them – make sure that you stay alert for any signals from trucks around you.

7) Do not walk distracted or drunk. Most drivers are aware of the risks of drunk driving and distracted driving, but distraction and inebriation can also be a risk for pedestrians. If you are under the influence or distracted, you can easily walk into a truck’s path or forget to use extra caution. Only walk when you are physically and mentally fit to do so.

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