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Now that the Holidays are Nearing, the Risk of Aventura Truck Accidents is on the Rise

With the holidays approaching, there are more trucks on the road than ever before. They are delivering products to retailers for holiday sales and are delivering purchases and packages to customers. Extra trucks on local roads can mean a greater risk of Aventura truck accidents, so consider these tips for staying safe:

1) Consider doing your holiday shopping early. Not only is it more convenient (and less stressful) but it will prevent you from having to be out as often when there are even more trucks on the road. One of the big risks for seasonal Aventura car accidents is that motorists are stressed out at this time of year, and therefore more likely to make mistakes. Giving yourself more time to run errands and shop may help you reduce the risk of an Aventura traffic accident.

2) Get your car a tune-up. This is especially important if you will be taking a road trip to visit family for the holidays. Keeping your car in good shape means that your car is more likely to respond correctly when you need to make sudden maneuvers to avoid a collision.

3) Take the distraction-free pledge. At this time of year, everyone is busy, but avoiding distraction behind the wheel becomes extra important in order to avoid accidents.

4) Have at least three safe options for getting home if you will be attending holiday events. Prevent Aventura drunk driving accidents by planning ahead now. Tuck extra money into an inner pocket of your wallet, along with the numbers of cab companies. Slip a bus schedule into your glove compartment. Write down the phone numbers of friends who can offer you a safe drive home. Planning ahead and having more options allows you to stay safer during the entire holiday season.

5) Review the basics of driving safely around trucks. A big part of avoiding Aventura truck accidents involves knowing how to share the road. Trucks require more room to stop, so it is important not to follow too closely. Trucks also have more blind spots, which is another reason to give them more room.

6) Review your to-do list and see what can be removed. Stress and rushing are two key causes of many traffic accidents. Having fewer things to do allows you to enjoy more time with your loved ones and may even help to keep you safer.

7) Schedule in some extra sleep. Drowsy driving is as dangerous as drunk driving, according to some research studies, since driving sleepy means you are driving with the same slower response times as an intoxicated driver. Tired drivers are also more apt to fall asleep behind the wheel and lose control of their cars. Shorter days at this time of year can exacerbate the effects of poor sleep, so make sure that you are sleeping well. Speak to your doctor if you feel tired often.

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