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Avoiding Halloween-Related Hollywood Personal Injuries

Halloween is a time for ghost stories, candies, and scary costumes. However, it is also a time when many preventable injuries can occur, especially to minors and young children. To prevent a Hollywood personal injury, consider these tips:

1) Review your Halloween decorations. Halloween decorations can pose a variety of risks. Low lighting to create a creepy atmosphere, for example, can cause trip and fall accidents. Candles can pose a fire hazard. Using dry ice to create mist can result in Hollywood burn injuries. Take a look at your Halloween decorations and consider the risks. Consider safer alternative to low lights, dry ice, and candles.

2) Have a plan to get home from Halloween safely if you decide to drink. Prevent a Hollywood drunk driving accident by drinking responsibly. If you choose to drink, use public transit or a cab to get some safely.

3) Consider calling it at early night. Staying in to celebrate with family and friends or a movie is a great option and means you will not be driving on a night when there are many child pedestrians on the streets and the risk of a Hollywood pedestrian accident is greater.

4) Take a second look at children’s costumes. If you have children heading out for Halloween, review their costumes. Costumes should not have long hems that can cause a tripping hazard or any drawstrings that can pose a choking hazard. Check to make sure that the costumes will be visible to motorists and that children can see correctly out of their costumes. Rather than opting for masks and hoods, consider face paint to ensure that your children can see correctly when they head out.

5) Check the fire alarms in your home and review fire escape plans. Halloween fires are a common problem, since candles are often used at this time of year as part of decorations. Consider alternatives to candles throughout your home and in your jack-o-lantern. Make sure that your home’s fire alarms are working correctly as well.

6) Avoid a Hollywood premises liability claim. Since trick-or-treaters will be visiting your home, ensure that your property is well-lit. Ensure that there are no tripping hazards on the walkway to your door or mark any hazards clearly. Be especially careful about Halloween decorations. Some decorations – such as fake tombstones – are close to the ground and can pose a tripping hazard.

7) Supervise children more closely on Halloween. If children are heading out for trick-or-treat, make sure that there is at least one or two adults present. At home, supervise children closely, especially around any candles or decorations. Small decorations and toys common at this time of year can pose unique hazards, especially to young children.

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