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Avoiding Medical Malpractice Suits and Medical Errors

Medical errors can happen just about anywhere. Each year, Florida personal injuries occur when healthcare professionals are negligent or when these professionals make an error. Medical malpractice suits are common when patients are injured at the hands of the medical professionals they trust. Patients have a great deal of power, however, when it comes to stopping negligence and mistakes:

1) Choose doctors carefully and work to establish good communication with your doctors. A good doctor or specialist is very important, so choose carefully. Ask for recommendations and make sure that your doctor or specialist is in good standing with a professional organization. Find out whether your doctor or specialist has any pending lawsuits against them. Interview a few doctors and specialists to find one who is caring and who is willing to listen to and answer your questions. Once you find the right doctor or specialist for your needs, work at maintaining good communication. Note down any medical history, any symptoms, and any medicine you are taking. If you have switched doctors, make sure that your medical records are forwarded so that your new physician has all the facts he or she needs to ensure quality care.

2) Review the basics. Often, medical mistakes happen because a health care professional does not review the basics – such as patient allegories, medical conditions, and medications. Each time you submit to a treatment or are given a new medication, be sure to ask whether the treatment or medicine is fine for you, based on your allergies, medications, and conditions.

3) Take good care of your health. A healthy lifestyle can help prevent many illnesses, ensuring that you need to rely on health care less.

4) Always get it in writing. If you get a diagnosis, test results, or instructions from a physician, write it down or get the doctor to write it down. That way, you can be sure you have your facts right.

5) Get to know your pharmacist and other health care professionals. Pharmacists can be crucial in helping you prevent medicine interactions and other problems. They can also offer an array of medical advice.

6) Get a second opinion. If you have been diagnosed with a serious illness or will need surgery, be sure to get a second opinion. This way, a second physician has a chance to notice any errors. Some Florida cancer misdiagnoses, for example, can be prevented with re-testing and a second opinion.

7) Schedule appointments wisely. Schedule appointments when clinics and doctors are less busy, where possible. When medical professionals are busy and feel hectic, errors are more likely.

8) Speak up. If you have questions or concerns, voice them. Good medical professionals are happy to answer questions and address concerns.

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