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Tire Defects and Problems Lead to Many Florida Truck Accidents

Many Florida truck accidents involving commercial trucks take place because of tire defects and tire blowouts. Unfortunately, Florida tire defects are all too common and in many cases, poor maintenance and too-heavy loads just contribute to tire problems and potential accidents. According to experts, there are many things that truck drivers and carriers can do to maintain tires correctly, helping to prevent Florida car accidents involving trucks:

1) Frequently check air pressure in tries. Truck drivers should be equipped with a accurate pressure gauge and should be required to check correct air pressure in tires at least every other day. The correct air pressure should be listed in the owner’s manual or the load and tire information for the truck.

2) Frequently conduct visual inspection of tires. Before getting into the truck, drivers should walk around and inspect each tire. Signs of wear, especially irregular wear, can mean a tire blowout. Drivers should also check for bumps or bubbles on the tire. These can be caused by foreign objects or air infiltration and may cause the tire to fail on the road.

3) Check to make sure that the truck is not overburdened with a too-heavy load. Exceeding load capacity places excessive pressure on the tires, and can easily cause a truck tire blowout, rollover, or another accident. Both carriers and drivers have a responsibility to ensure that trucks are correctly loaded. Too heavy loads and incorrect air pressure combined make an especially dangerous mix.

4) Avoid applying heat near the tires. This can weaken the tires and cause them to fail in operation. Often, excessive heat is a problem when tires are mounted. It is important that tires are mounted away from a heat source. If something on the truck needs to be welded, the welding should be done well clear of the tires. Heat damage can cause tires to explode, resulting in Florida truck accidents, burn injuries, and even fatalities.

5) Store tires correctly. If tires need to be stored, they should be stored in a dry, cool, dark place. Heat and sunlight can damage tires. It is also important not to store tires for too long. The rubber in tires deteriorates with time, even when the tires are not in use, so older tires can be a danger.

6) Ensure that all trucks on a tire are the same. Combining different tread depths or different types of tires on the same truck can cause instability, increasing the risk of a rollover or another accident.

7) Maintain tires. Tires should be washed regularly to keep the tire in good shape. As well, tires should be maintained by a professional after every long trip to ensure that they are still safe for the road.

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