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Avoiding Miami Injuries to Children and Teens This School Year Starts Now

Now that summer is winding down to a close, many parents are looking forward to the start of a new school year. This is a good time to not only buy back-to-school supplies but also a good time to review safety tips and lessons to ensure that your children stay safe at school. A good place to start is to carefully weigh transportation options to and from school. Miami traffic accidents are a leading cause of injuries and fatalities to children and teens and your children will be in traffic at least twice a day every school day.

If the bus is an option, this can be a good solution since Miami bus accidents are far less common than Miami car accidents. If the bus does not seem like a viable option, consider carpooling or walking. Walking can be great exercise for your children but make sure that you review the route your children take to school. Is it safe? A high-traffic area which requires your children to cross several busy intersections can be a problem. If walking is an option, consider getting your children to walk to school with friends. This is safer and makes the group of children more visible to drivers as well. Of you decide to drive your child to school, consider carpooling. This will ensure that you will not always be rushing and tired when driving, as it will reduce some of the pressure on you. Carefully review the routes to find the best route for you. Near the school, determine the best and safest place to park. Ideally, your parking spot should allow your children to walk into the school without having to dodge multiple cars and buses. Many schools have drop-off zones which allow parents to drop children off into pedestrian-only areas.

Make sure your children know the basics of personal safety. When your children are at school, they will be relying on their own understanding of safety to stay safe. With young children, especially, it is important to review safety rules often to prevent Miami burn injuries and other types of injuries on school grounds.

Work with your school to ensure that school is safe for everyone. Your child’s school should have written policies about safety and bullying. Review them. Be especially vigilant about sports-related safety. If your child takes part in sports, they should have all needed safety equipment (including a helmet, if required) and should have adequate help in the event of a Miami head injury.

Get involved at your child’s school so that you can see for yourself what efforts are made to keep everyone safe. If you notice room for improvement or things that need change, speak up and work together with the school and with other parents to make the needed changes. All students will benefit.

If your child has sustained serious injuries at school, contact the Flaxman Law Group to review your case in a free, no obligation consultation. If the school was negligent, you may qualify for compensation that allows your child to get the best possible medical care. Seeking legal assistance can also help ensure that changes are made so that other students are not harmed.