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Will Higher Truck Sales Increase the Risk of Miami Gardens Truck Accidents?

According to Autodata corp, sales of big pickup trucks rose in August 2012 to become the highest since 2009. At the same time, overall car sales increased 20 percent over last year. The most popular large pickup trucks all increased in sales, including Ford’s F-Series, (which saw sales increase 19 percent), General Motors’ Chevy Silverado (4 %), the GMC Sierra (9%) and Toyota’s Tundra (68%). According to Autodata corp, the increase in car sales and truck sales is caused by an increased confidence in the economy and by business sales. Businesses are replacing older fleets and cars, and this is driving sales up. The interest among the general public for larger pickup trucks is also fueling the sales increases.

Will the increase truck sales also increase the risk of Miami Gardens truck accident? While it is difficult to tell for sure, it is possible that the risk will be greater. Quite simply, with more trucks sharing the road there is a higher risk of Miami Gardens traffic accidents involving tracks. The increase in light truck sales, especially, can be a problem. This is because light trucks can be driven by anyone – not just truck drivers with extensive experience and training. This means that some of the drivers purchasing these trucks may not have the expertise to handle larger vehicles easily without increasing the risk of an accident. Luckily, there are many things that motorists can do to help prevent Miami Gardens car accidents involving light trucks:

1) Buy the smallest car or truck you need. Larger trucks and vans have more blind spots and are more unwieldy to drive. If you do not need a light truck for your job or your hobbies, a smaller car with a good safety record may be a good option. If you do need a truck, carefully compare safety ratings and choose the smallest truck with the best safety rating you can.

2) Keep your truck in good condition. One of the advantages of increased light truck sales is that companies are replacing older fleets. This is actually good news, since older vehicles and poorly maintained vehicles are a hazard on the road. Older vehicles may be more prone to mechanical breakdowns and problems which can cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle. Replacing trucks with newer models and maintaining those trucks is a step in the right direction. If you do own a truck, maintain it correctly and keep it in good condition so that it performs as expected and helps you avoid a Miami Gardens truck accident.

3) Get comfortable with the truck or get additional training before taking the truck on the road. If you have always driven a passenger car, give yourself some time to get familiar with your new truck, or better yet, get some one-on-one personal training with a driving instructor who has experience with light trucks. Driving a truck – even a light truck – is significantly different than driving a car.

4) Learn to load your truck correctly. Most light truck owners buy a truck because they want to be able to load their truck with various items. However, how you load your truck will determine whether your truck is safe or not when you’re driving. Carefully read the owner’s manual and follow all directions for loading your truck. Never overload your vehicle – this can cause tire blowouts, brake problems, and other mechanical problems that can lead to a Miami Gardens traffic accident.

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