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Preventing Back-to-School Miami Injuries to Minors and Children

During this time of year, it is easy for children to be injured at school and on their way to school. To prevent injuries, be sure to follow these tips:

1) Find a safe route to and from school. A safe route should be one with plenty of pedestrian space or bicycle space, if your children will be bicycling to school. You may wish to discuss different routes with your children and even walk through a route in order to determine whether it is safe. Avoid routes that have high traffic, poor visibility, and busy intersections.

2) Review safety rules for children. Children are often excited when they’re walking to school, especially during the first few days or if they are walking with friends. Reviewing safety rules often is the best way to ensure that children absorb these rules. Try walking the route to school a few times with your child, pointing out pertinent safety rules – such as looking both ways before crossing the street – that can help prevent Miami pedestrian accidents.

3) Check over new school supplies for safety. Each year, Miami products liability cases occur due to toys and school supplies that are deemed unsafe. When buying school supplies, lunches, toys, sports equipment, and other supplies for your child, check recalls to ensure that the products you are buying have not been affected. Also, look over the products yourself for any obvious design flaws which could pose a risk.

4) Consider backpacks and Miami back injuries. Backpacks are one of the biggest risks for children, since many children overload their backpacks with heavy books, putting unnecessary pressure on the shoulders and spine. Make sure that your child has a sturdy backpack and is able to wear their backpacks on both shoulders. Encourage your child to reduce the amount of books that they carry and look for ways to prevent your child from having to carry heavy backpacks. Backpacks on wheels, for example, can be useful if there’s no way to reduce the heaviness of your child’s backpack.

5) If your child plays sports, review the rules for preventing Miami head injuries. Make sure that your child understands that if they are hit in the head they should seek medical attention and not return to play until their injury has been assessed by a medical professional. Find out what the rules for head injuries are at your child’s school. The newest research suggests that even minor concussions can become serious. It is important for even a minor concussion to heal fully before child is allowed to return to sports. If your child plays sports, make sure that they have adequate sports equipment and safety equipment and wear this equipment each time they play.

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