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Being in any trucking accident is frightening enough. The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group have seen devastating injuries resulting from collisions with tractor trailers, big rigs, and commercial trucks.


The situation can be even worse if your truck collision involves a truck that’s transporting dangerous goods. In this situation, don’t delay. Contact Flaxman Law Group immediately for a free accident consultation.

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At this time of year in Miami and across south Florida, many students are heading back to college and this can mean hiring a truck to get everything into a dorm. For younger drivers, especially, trying to operate a big rental truck can be a danger. These larger vehicles have many blind spots and may be harder to maneuver than passenger vehicles, increasing the risk of a truck accident in Miami or your community. In addition, rental trucks see plenty of use and this wear and tear can impact performance.


If you are heading to college or have a child moving into dorms, you’ll want to use these tips to keep everyone safe:

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Tanker trucks carry highly unstable liquids and can be used to transport hazardous materials, such as gas. A recent federal investigation in California following two tanker truck explosions linked to one company has shone the spotlight on tanker safety.


U.S. hazardous materials transportation regulations regulate tanker safety in Hollywood, Florida and across the country. Among other requirements, these standards establish what constitutes correct maintenance and repairs of tankers carrying dangerous cargo. For example, when repairs involving welding are needed on these commercial tankers, U.S. hazardous materials transportation regulations require only professionals with certification are permitted to complete the welding work on the trucks.

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Tanker trucks transport liquids, including hazardous materials and highly flammable chemicals. These trucks are necessary to get fuels to homes and business and as part of industrial operations. However, while these vehicles are important for local economies and businesses, they can also pose a hazard.


Tanker-truck accidents are extremely dangerous for a few reasons:

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Many drivers use light trucks to transport larger purchases or just to enjoy more room. Light trucks are currently popular in Hollywood and southern Florida as well as other parts of the country. Many drivers like being higher off the ground in these larger vehicles and feel safer with the added space and protection this type of truck offers. While these vehicles can be quite safe for drivers, however, they do pose a larger risk in some instances.


Light trucks, such as pickup trucks, can be heavily loaded down with cargo. When cargo is not properly secured, it can fly out the back of a truck, causing obstructions on the roads and secondary accidents. In addition, light trucks can be overburdened with heavy cargo, which can affect the performance of tires or can cause a driver to lose control, leading to accidents.

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Trucks carry cargo all over the state and all across the country. Unfortunately, sometimes debris falls from trucks and ends up on our roads. In some cases, this debris is dangerous and can cause a secondary car accident when your car drives over it.


Even though you may not be able to prevent cargo falling from trucks, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of debris-related crashes. If you want to take steps to avoid road debris accidents in Hialeah or your South Florida community, you will want to:

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Forklift accidents are a common and devastating cause of injury in factories, manufacturing, retail, and other workplace environments in Homestead and across the country. Forklifts are used in construction and in a variety of industries to lift heavy objects and cargo.


Unfortunately because forklifts are top-heavy and are heavy machinery, they are involved in a number of workplace accidents in Homestead, Hollywood, and across the southern Florida area. Crushing injuries and rollovers are especially common with these types of vehicles. Amputations, head injuries, spinal cord trauma, fractures, and other serious injuries result from forklift collisions and incidents each year.

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Being in any truck accident in Homestead or any South Florida community is already terrifying. When a trucking or big rig accident also leads to a conflagration, however, the situation can become even more tragic and frightening. Fire can cause serious burn injuries, environmental injuries, and other trauma.


Big rigs and tractor-trailers used diesel fuel, which is less flammable than gasoline used in cars. For most trucking accidents, fire will not happen if the fuel tank is simply pierced. However, if a flame is introduced or if a truck is carrying highly flammable materials, fires can and do occur.

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The danger of trucks carrying excessively heavy loads is well-known. In fact, federal and state regulations limit how much cargo a truck can carry and which roads overweighed trucks can use. Overloaded trucks have a higher risk of rollovers, brake failure, and other dangers.


The pressure of excessive heavy cargo can put extra strain on brakes and tires, potentially leading to tire blowouts and brake failure. Heavy cargo can also cause more damage to roads, possibly contributing to secondary accidents caused by poor roads. Heavy trailers can also make a truck harder to control, which can potentially lead to crashes. In addition, drivers with heavy trailers need to ensure their cargo is correctly secured so it does not shift during transport and cause a collision.

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Each day, trucks carry dangerous materials and chemicals across Florida and across the country. Companies and industries rely on trucks to carry fuel, fertilizers, insecticides, industrial cleaning solutions, and other toxic materials. When loaded correctly on a truck, these materials can be perfectly safe in transport. When a truck accident in Hollywood or South Florida causes a hazardous material spill, however, the effects can be devastating.


Unfortunately, truck accidents can happen in seconds, not giving you enough time to react quickly enough to prevent exposure. Toxic chemicals can ignite or blow up suddenly, causing significant burn risk. In some cases, dangerous cargo might not have any odor and may not cause a dramatic fire but can still expose you to fumes hazardous for your health. And even if you don’t drive, a hazardous material spill outside of your home or workplace can leave you with long-term health effects or even property damage.

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