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Tanker trucks carry highly unstable liquids and can be used to transport hazardous materials, such as gas. A recent federal investigation in California following two tanker truck explosions linked to one company has shone the spotlight on tanker safety.


U.S. hazardous materials transportation regulations regulate tanker safety in Hollywood, Florida and across the country. Among other requirements, these standards establish what constitutes correct maintenance and repairs of tankers carrying dangerous cargo. For example, when repairs involving welding are needed on these commercial tankers, U.S. hazardous materials transportation regulations require only professionals with certification are permitted to complete the welding work on the trucks.

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Tanker trucks transport liquids, including hazardous materials and highly flammable chemicals. These trucks are necessary to get fuels to homes and business and as part of industrial operations. However, while these vehicles are important for local economies and businesses, they can also pose a hazard.


Tanker-truck accidents are extremely dangerous for a few reasons:

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Truck rollover accidents in Hollywood are more common than rollovers involving passenger cars. Since tankers and commercial trucks have a higher center of gravity, they are more at risk of rollovers than even SUVs.


Several factors can contribute to these types of collisions:

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Not all truck accidents in Hollywood and Florida are the same. Depending on the type of truck that was involved in your collision, you may have very different injuries or you may have a different risk for serious injuries:

1) Delivery trucks.

Delivery trucks tend to be light trucks, and one of the biggest dangers with these types of vehicles is that they make frequent, unexpected stops. They may also have to park in unusual spots to deliver their cargo, creating a risk of rear end accidents and other types of collisions.file8521270048939


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Tankers transport gasoline, gases, and liquids as well as substances like cement and even bio-hazardous materials. We rely on tankers to transport chemicals as well as everyday substances we need. People who live in colder climates, for example, may rely on tankers to get heating oil for their homes. The construction industry relies on tankers for cement.


Tanker Trucks Pose Unique Dangers on Our Roads

While tankers are important, they can also be deadly on our roads. These types of commercial trucks have a number of special hazards, when compared with flatbed trucks or tractor trailers:

  • The liquids in tankers can move around inside the truck, shifting the center of balance.
  • Tankers have a high center of gravity, making them subject to rollovers.
  • Tankers can be used to transport hazardous materials, including flammable materials, bio-hazardous materials, and even radioactive materials. These products can become deadly in a collision.
  • Tankers have large blind spots.
  • Tankers may make frequent stops, especially if they are delivering fuel or other products.
  • Tanker cargo can leak.

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Any trucking collision in Homestead or Florida can be terrifying. However, when your trucking collision involves a hazmat carrier, you may find yourself facing even more serious injuries or problems. The Department of Transportation estimates that about 200 fatal trucking accidents that occur annually involve hazmat carriers. These are carriers that are permitted to carry hazardous materials (HAZMAT).


Due to the dangerous nature of the materials involved, trucking collisions involving these carriers can even more catastrophic. Trucks carrying hazardous materials may be carrying:

  • Gasoline
  • Compressed oxygen cylinders
  • Petroleum products
  • Flammable oils
  • Compressed gases
  • Flammable chemicals or other liquids
  • Chemical liquids and gases
  • Nuclear materials or other radioactive materials
  • Hazardous waste

In the event of a collision, this type of hazardous cargo can become especially dangerous. If it is flammable, it can leak onto the road, explode, or catch fire. It can expose bystanders and other drivers to radiation, chemical burns, or toxic fumes.

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Earlier this month, a serious accident in Michigan highlighted the dangers of some types of dangerous cargo. In the chain reaction accident, which took place on a wintry interstate road, 193 vehicles were involved. More than a dozen people were injured in the incident, one fatally. About 76 commercial trucks were part of the collision.


One of those trucks was carrying fireworks. Unfortunately, in the accident a fire broke out and the fireworks were affected by the heat. Another truck was carrying 44,000 pounds of a dangerous acid known as formic acid. Hazmat teams had to be sent out after the collision caused the acid to leak.

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In Miami and across the country, tractor trailers and big rigs are tasked with transporting dangerous and hazardous chemicals – including fertilizers, fuel, flammable materials, and toxic chemicals – across long distances. There are many dangers linked to trucks carrying cargo:

1) Cargo spills.

Cargo spills of any kind can lead to debris on the roads of Miami and other communities, potentially causing secondary accidents. When dangerous cargo spills, however, it can cause severe damage, including poisoning bystanders. In some cases, spilled toxic cargo can cause fires or can remain on the road and in the ground for weeks or months, despite efforts to clean it up.


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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) program is sponsoring a $1.4 million study being conducted at the University of Arizona to find ways to reduce emergency responder injuries and fatalities. It is hoped that the findings will help find ways to reduce traffic accident collisions involving emergency vehicles.

These types of accidents are far too common. In fact, the second leading cause of death among fire fighters across the country is emergency vehicle accidents. Since 1994, emergency vehicle collisions have resulted in over 1000 injuries annually and more than 390 fatalities. While passenger car fatalities have dropped in the past ten years, fatalities in emergency vehicle crashes have not.


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On August 27, a serious trucking collision on Interstate 75 in Florida’s Sarasota County caused a gasoline spill of 250 and 500 gallons. Both the truck driver and another driver were injured in the crash and the accident caused a secondary four-car collision as well. Firefighters placed foam over the gasoline to keep it from catching fire.

Fuel spill accidents such as these can quickly become deadly and are a serious concern when tankers carrying gasoline and other flammable materials are involved in a crash. The resulting collisions can cause:

1) Environmental and health damage.

Trucking accidents in Miami and other cities can cause serious health and environmental concerns when fuel spills are involved. The fuel can leak into underground water supplies or can cause health damage to nearby residents who may be breathing in the fumes. Those who are already ill may be even more vulnerable to the damage.


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