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Back to the Dorms: Moving Truck Safety

At this time of year in Miami and across south Florida, many students are heading back to college and this can mean hiring a truck to get everything into a dorm. For younger drivers, especially, trying to operate a big rental truck can be a danger. These larger vehicles have many blind spots and may be harder to maneuver than passenger vehicles, increasing the risk of a truck accident in Miami or your community. In addition, rental trucks see plenty of use and this wear and tear can impact performance.


If you are heading to college or have a child moving into dorms, you’ll want to use these tips to keep everyone safe:

  • Rent the right size. If you decide to rent a moving truck, carefully consider what you need to move. Renting too small a truck is dangerous since it can lead to overloading and a bigger risk of tire problems due to the extra weight. Renting too much truck means you may be trying to maneuver an overly large truck and cargo moving around inside can shift and alter the balance of the vehicle.
  • Consider leaving it to professionals. If at all possible, leave the driving to professionals if you’re trying to move a lot. Professional drivers have the years of training needed to operate a vehicle safely and professionals are insured against losses. If budget is a concern, there are self-load services where a container is dropped off at your home and then picked up after you have packed it. This allows you to save money without you having to drive a larger vehicle.
  • Check before you start loading. If you do rent a truck, drive it and check it over before you start loading. Get used to the vehicle and check for any mechanical issues. If the truck is in poor repair or if you do not believe you can drive the vehicle safely, take it back to the rental agency.
  • Give yourself plenty of space and time. Driving a truck can take more time, especially when everyone is moving, too. Keep in mind that the area around dorms may be filled with cars and trucks, so consider arriving early or give yourself extra time to wait your turn. Always give yourself extra room when you park so you can remove your belongings and move out of the parking spot easily.
  • Move with others. Sharing the driving and the loading and unloading can help you avoid fatigue and strain. Moving with others also means you can have one person get out of the car and check to make sure you are not going to back the truck into anything. A co-driver can check blind spots and can help make the driving easier.
  • Be sure to tie down your possessions correctly. When loading your truck, be strategic. Make sure heavier items are at the bottom of the truck and are spaced out evenly. Wedge things into place without leaving large gaps and tie down any larger items. Do everything possible to ensure your cargo does not shift as you drive, since this can affect your ability to control the vehicle.

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