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Best Trucker Don Logan Offers Tips That Could Prevent a Hialeah Truck Accident

Don Logan was named Grand Champion this year at the National Truck Driving Championships. He also has six state championships and has 2,180,000 accident-free miles during over twenty-five years of truck driving experience. In a recent interview, Logan offered drivers some tips on how to prevent a truck accident:

1) Provide extra distance when it comes to trucks. Trucks take longer to stop and may need to make sudden stops, so following a safe distance behind trucks can help prevent a Hialeah truck accident. In addition, trucks have many blind spots, including the area immediately behind a truck. In general, if you cannot see a truck driver in a truck’s mirrors, you are in the truck’s blind spot and the truck driver cannot see you. In many cases, Hialeah car accidents involving trucks occur because a car was in a driver’s blind spot. You can avoid this type of collision by giving trucks plenty of room, especially in bad weather.

2) Never drive distracted. Distracted driving can lead to Hialeah pedestrian accidents as well as many types of traffic accidents. While responsible truck drivers such as Logan keep their focus on the road, some truck drivers and motorists are distracted. Keeping your full focus on the road can mean that you notice these dangerous drivers in time to prevent an accident. Keeping your full focus on your driving also allows you to drive defensively, so that you can avoid Hialeah traffic collisions.

3) Use signal lights correctly. Truck drivers cannot read your mind, and neither can other drivers or pedestrians. Your signal lights help you to communicate with others who share the road with you, allowing you to merge safely and make safe lane changes.

4) Never drive fatigued. Truck drivers need to follow strict federal guidelines to ensure that they get proper rest, but most motorists only rely on themselves to ensure that they are in good condition to drive. It is important to be in good shape to drive, since fatigued driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. According to some research studies, fatigued drivers have the same poor response times as drunk drivers. Being well rested, calm, and physically in good shape ensures that you can drive safely, so take care of yourself.

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