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USFA Tips Could Prevent Difficult Miami Beach Burn Injuries

According to the US Fire Administration (USFA) each year across the country children set fires that cause 1000 burn injuries, hundreds of millions of dollars in damage, and over 100 fatalities. In many cases, the fires are set accidentally when children play with lighters and matches. To prevent Miami Beach burn injuries from occurring to your family, the USFA recommends:

1) Teaching your children that fire is not a toy. Children are often fascinated by fire and by grown-up tools such as lighters. Teach your child about the dangers of fire, just as you teach them how to cross a street so that they are not victims of Miami Beach pedestrian accidents.

2) Keeping lighters and matches in locked cabinets. Keep all lighters and matches out of reach. The best option is a locked cabinet, where you can also keep sharp tools and any toxic chemicals which can cause Miami Beach injuries to children. Keep the key to the cabinet well-hidden.

3) Using lighters and matches safely yourself. Your children will learn safety lessons from you. Being responsible shows that you take safety seriously and will increase the chances that your children will be careful as well.

4) Buying and using only child-resistant lighters in the home. If you have children, get rid of matches and use safety lighters which are harder for children to use. Keep in mind that some children can still figure out how to use these lighters, so still keep them well out of reach of children.

5) Getting help for children who have a fascination with fire. While most children go through a stage where they are interested in fire, some children develop an unhealthy fascination with fire and start fires repeatedly. If, despite your best efforts, your child continues to find ways to light fires, consider counseling. It can help ensure that your child is not injured.

6) Make your home safe by installing smoke detectors and having a fire escape plan. Have a written plan in place and practice at least a few times a year. Have smoke detectors on every floor of the home and in the kitchen. Have fire extinguishers throughout your home as well, and check smoke detectors regularly.

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