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Brake Failure Can Lead to Hollywood Truck Accidents

When tire failure occurs on a commercial truck, the truck can drift into traffic or the driver may lose control of the vehicle. It is a common cause of Hollywood truck accidents. In addition, Hollywood tire failure can cause pieces of tire to be left on the road, causing secondary Hollywood car accidents. Commercial trucks are especially susceptible to tire failure for a number of reasons:

1) Tires can get worn or old. Commercial trucks drive over much longer distances than the average passenger car, and tires can become worn with time. In some cases, truck tires also stay in storage for some time until they are needed, and this can cause the rubber to deteriorate, increasing the risk of tire failure. Truck drivers are responsible for ensuring that their truck tires are in good condition.

2) Hollywood trucks can drive in very hot conditions. High temperatures can cause rubber in tires to deteriorate or even start to melt, increasing the risk of a Hollywood tire blow out. While there is nothing that can be done about the weather, drivers of commercial trucks are expected to check the condition of tires and commercial truck carriers are expected to maintain tires correctly, since worn tires and old tires are more likely to fail in high heat.

3) Commercial truck tires are susceptible to tire defects. In some cases, design flaws or manufacturing problems cause defective tires that are susceptible to safety issues. In these cases, if the defective tires cause an accident and injuries, the tire manufacturers may be held liable in a Hollywood defective products legal claim.

4) The heavy weight of trucks can contribute to tire failure. The heavy weight of commercial trucks can place extra pressure on tires. When trucking companies ignore the cargo limits and place extra weight on tires, tire blow outs and Hollywood truck accidents are common.

5) Incorrect tire inflation can cause blow-outs. Truck drivers are responsible for ensuring that a truck’s tires are correctly inflated. When tires are under-inflated they can cause more friction with the road and generate heat that can cause the tire to split. When tires are over-inflated, they may not correctly grip the road surface, making it harder for the truck driver to control the truck.

6) Commercial trucks are difficult to control on hills, leading to potential problems with brake pads. Inexperienced drivers may use brakes too much on hills, overusing brake pads and putting extra pressure on tires. This can cause tire blow outs and accidents.

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